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pupils in such kinds of activity which develop at them touch perceptions, impellent, intellectual, strong-willed, emotional and motivational spheres. So, it is underlined that for intensive development of thinking it is necessary to provide teaching at a high level of difficulty in fast time, comprehension by the pupil of the educational actions. Development is connected not only with thinking, but also with emotions and other spheres of a person. In the methodical literature of last years on teaching foreign languages importance and necessity of inclusion of motivational and emotional spheres of the person of the pupil is underlined at studying of a foreign language. This forms pupils’ more attentive attitude towards the expression of thought both a foreign, and in a native

language. It is possible to observe and the opposite phenomenon. English language teaching influences the development of cogitative and speech pupils’ abilities.While teaching them other humanitarian subject. And first of all it concerns teaching a mother tongue. Foreign language studying speeds up work of acoustical, visual, speech mooving, motor analyzers and brings the powerful contribution to the development of memory, imagination, representations. The list of the used literature 1. Akimova M.K. «Individuality of the pupil and an individual approach» - М: Knowledge, 2002. 2. Altshuller G.S. «Development of creative imagination» – 1997. 3. Antropov M.V. «Differentiated training: a pedagogical and physiological estimation Pedagogics». - 1999. 4. Arijan M.A. «UМК

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