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government. That’s where passiveness and incompetence begins. A diversity of all possible political parties should represent the needs of the population, both majorities and minorities. As we plunge into Russian reality we can find out that all the variety is a mere illusion. Political arena in Russia reminds of a theater with a single actor who appears on the stage under different names. It is necessary to regulate normal functioning of democratic institutions, but the question is what to begin with. Probably it should be democratic culture or loyal but competitive opposition or mechanisms that would help people stand upon their rights. Russia is not yet ready for democracy. A country should have certain cultural, political and economic background as prerequisites for

democracy. Culturally Russians are influenced by the doctrine of Orthodox Church and long-term pressure of authoritarian regime. Tradition is inculcated in the Russian mind, which makes the nation almost unsusceptible to changes. Political and civic consciousness is not well developed. So this country should be ruled in a different way. It doesn’t mean that Russia is behind the time or democracy is too far ahead to be exercised in such a country. This nation unlike any other in the world is so very special, contradictory, so contrary to logic that we have to find very special means to manage it.