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them to be attentive, girls - with a palate (it is believed that this would make them more diligent). The head having been divided the host proceeds with cutting meat on the main dish and shares it with his guests. Here too one has to mind certain habits and superstitions. For instance, hipbones and crust are offered to most honored guests while the breastbone goes to the son-in-law or daughter-in-law, cervical vertebra - to marries women, pregnant ones first and foremost. Certain bans are also to be observed. Thus even the most honored guest may not be treated with a "koy-bas" if his father is present at the table. Children may not be offered brains (they might become weak-willed), just as an elbow bone - to a young girl (she might be "left on the shelf")...

The meat is usually accomplished with flat cakes with onion (ak nan). A rich broth (sorpa) is poured in separate bowls.   However in many areas of Kazakhstan besbarmak on the dastarkhan is replaced with "kespe", Kazakh noodle soup: in a drinking bowl or a soup-plate they put warmed up noodles and pour tuzdyk on them, a gravy consisting of meat, black radish, sweet pepper, onions, tomatoes and green kinza.   The feast is finalized with a dessert abounding in all sorts of sweetmeats. Kazakh National University named al-Farabi Faculty of economics and business The paper: «Culture of Kazakhstan». Done by: student of 1 course BU I A 02r2 Safronova Olga Checked by: Serikbaeva S.Z. Almaty, 2003.