Costs and income of enterprises

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Plan Introduction 1 Economic essence of costs and income of enterprises Resources of income for enterprises Income allocation Types of costs 2 Main ways of decreasing the costs Main ways of increasing the income Conclusion The list of used literature Introduction Any company or organization, regardless of ownership (private or public) in the implementation of its activities receives some income. The relevance of this topic is that in conditions of market relations incomes of enterprises and organizations have direct relevance to the budgetary system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature of income and costs. The methodological basis was: Internet information sources, the book of domestic author. Kazakhstan economy is market type of

economy. Kazakhstan was the first country among CIS that received a status of country having market economy from the Ministry of Trade, USA. In 2000 this fact was confirmed also by European Union. The economy started to change since 1991 after the collapse of Soviet Union. In 1990s many banks gave loans to people and organizations without knowing how to receive them back and according to what conditions it should be done. Today the situation is completely different: they know how to deal with loans business but there is no high demand especially after everybody felt the financial crisis and the crisis in construction sphere. Nowadays many enterprises pay special attention to the analysis of income and expenditure and their comprehensive characterization as many of the business

people understood the importance of making, keeping and proper spending of money. Consideration of this issue is essential for the proper functioning of enterprises and organizations subordinated to the market laws. Right management decisions can be made only on the basis of clear understanding of income and costs question. Making the right decisions will lead the enterprise to financial independence and prosperity. This paper gives information about resources of income, income allocation and types of costs in the section of “Economic essence of costs and income of enterprises”. It may be useful for entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises, students of economic and financial departments of universities and colleges. The problems of profit maximization and costs

minimization are also considered in this paper. These topics are always very topical, because the main target of any enterprise is to maximize profit. How to do it? One of the ways is minimization of costs. Strive to minimize costs - not to act against the interests of business for avoiding costs. This should be solved by finding the best possible optimal ratio of revenues and expenses. The ways to minimize costs are given in the “Main ways of decreasing the costs” section. Another topicality of this paper is the fact that income and costs (besides the financial results such as profit and expenditures) are the most important indexes of the enterprise’s activity and main elements in the report about financial results. Financial results of the enterprise are found by

comparing income and corresponded costs. That is why a proper understanding of income allocation and what types of costs there are, is crucial for the successful management of the enterprise. 1 Economic essence of costs and income of enterprises Any enterprise’s target is to make profit. In order to make it a company should understand where comes from the income and where goes out costs. Knowing the resources of income and types of costs will allow the enterprise to manage them successfully, which means it will be able to make profits. Companies and enterprises in different fields are part of whole economy. Active and profitable companies rise economic activity and contribute to the development of national economy. Big companies become bridges between countries and states. Any