Classical Wrestling

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Vladicavcasian Humanitarian Lyceum THE REPORT OF THE PUPIL OF THE 7 FORM Uruimagov Kazbek Vladicavkas 2004. INTRODUCTION This summer Hasan Boroev, my uncle’s disciple, became the best wrestler in the Greek-Roman class, in the world. And I decided to write a report on this theme. Because I was proud of my uncle and I decided to tell you about this unfamous kind of sport in our republic. While finding the information I decided to make my theme wider. And began finding information about all old sports we had in our small republic. I’ve found such sports as: wrestling, horse riding, bicycle sport and so on. Today I want to tell you about them. I’m sure you’ll become interested. The first wrestler At the beginning of our sencury in Russia he name of the great osetian

wrestler Temirbolat Dudarovich Kanukov was famous. This “bogatyr” developed unusually. Before he was 1 year old, he was very small, feeble and delicate. Then he began to grow quickly. When he was 10 years old he worked with his father cutting trees in the forest. And when he was 5 years old he worked with logs himself. When Bola was 15, he was 2m 24sm long and weighed 200 kg. Temirbolat (Bola) Dudarovich Kanukov was called “Kazbek”- a mountain. Bola was very kind and uncunning. His neighbors often made him take exams in his strength. And Bola easily managed to pass them. His family wasn’t big - a wife, a daughter and an adopted son Vasiliy. Bola adapted him when Vasiliy was 2,5 years old. He loved him not less than a daughter. It was hard to hide such big man in a small

village of Koban, and Temirbolat didn’t like to sit in his mountain nest. Bola asked his father and went to Vladicavcas, where the Turkish circus was showing its tricks, and asked the bast wrestler to have a match, with Bola. He easily won the “butcher”. Thus Temirbolat became a circus wrestler. He liked to wrestle in parterre. Facing Bola his rival couldn’t stand on his legs. In 1904 Bola Kanukov became a professional wrestler and played on the circus arena more than 10 years. He didn’t have any technique, but he won his rivals with the help of strength and courage. He won many famous wrestlers. Last time Bola wrestled in 1917 in Baku. It was parting and that’s why the hardest match. It is enough to say that his rivals were world champions. When he won last match he

bowed standing on the saint point of arena, which was small for him. He stayed in the wrestling history as a very strong man. Temirbolat died with unusual death. He lay on the dry ground. After the storm he couldn’t stand, he was brought to the house ill. He lay in bed for 3weeks and died. Bola was bored in Mayskoe village. In 1934 his daughter died. During the Great Patriotic War Vasiliy, his adopted son, fought and died as a hero. History There is no doubt that the victories of wrestlers in free style were caused mainly by the fact that the most part of future champions came from classical wrestling the great "freers" coach Aslanbek Zaharovich Dzgoev used to repeat: "Classic is always classic". As a Peculiar example of osetian wrestlers, of classical

style, we may call Temirbolat Kanukov. The glory of his strength was rumbling in all country. Before the Great Patriotic War Kermen and Peter Tukkaevs, Peter Andiev, Mustafa Nakov and others glittered on the arena. Nakov became a bronze champion of USSR in 1939. At that time it was very perfect. Viktor Pavlov won not less. Since 1924 to 1941 nobody could win him in the republic and in the whole Caucasus. Later Victor Radionovich started to coach and prepared a great number of good wrestlers between them there are A. Tukkaev, A. Makoev, V. Gacolaev and others. Great was a share to the development of classical wrestling of Michael Ogladze. His wrestlers Peter Andiev, Boris Burnacev became the Caucasian champions not once. But the special prosperity of classical wrestling came at