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more time on certain activities? Knowing how to spend time is an essential skill of a manager. IX. People entering the lodging industry frequently wonders whether it is better to begin their careers in a small or large hotel. What branch of hotel operation is the best to start in after graduation? Where you start is probably less important than how well you work and whether you make the most of opportunities. It is important to learn something about all phases of hotel operation. You may prefer to work first in those departments you know least about. Then with some exposure to all areas, you can begin to focus on your areas of interest. X. We must not forget that the successful managers are necessarily people who set high standards. Good managers need not be geniuses, but must

bring “character” to the job. They are people of integrity, who will look for that quality in others. Questions: 1)    Is the lodging industry the most important element of the social sphere? 2)    Must the manager bring “character” to the job? 3)    Why is the hotel distinguished by the additional service among other hotels? 4)    What main methods of the management can we number in the lodging industry? 5)    Is the administrative method based on the directive instructions or is the economic one? 6)    What kind of operations do managers perform in the hospitality business? 7)    How must the manager use his time? 8)    Why do the communication play

the main role in the manager’s career? 9)    Is the decision-making the key of the manager’s career? 10)           How can one start his manager’s career?