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differences in the two cases? Both men were tried for murder, and both men were African-American, and yet one walked free. The issue here is money. How could a judicial system that can be bought possibly be fair to all people? This country was founded on the words that “all men are created equal” and yet we treat this phrase as if only all white men or all rich men are created equal and this is not the case. If the judicial system is to work to its full extent then it should be color blind; especially to the color green. We also find cases where white defendants get away with crimes simply because they were white. A good example of this is the recently resolved Diallo case in the Bronx. If all or one of those officers were African-American or Hispanic, I’m not so certain

the jury would have decided in the same way. Even though much work has been done to stop racism there is still a long way to go before this country achieves the true equality which Dr. Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement dreamed of. Problems of the sort still persist throughout the country but in particular in the same. We must remember, however, that racism is not only a thing of the South. So how do we solve a problem as deep as this? We must find a way to revolutionize the system. Every year, billions and billions of dollars are spent on military prowess and flights into space, while our education and judicial systems suffer and are worsened. People want quick answers so the government builds jails to get rid of all the “outcasts” of society, but people

don’t realize that this only causes further problems and further expenditure of tax dollars. The only way to fix the judicial system is to start with schools. Properly funded schools with good facilities, faculty, proper maintenance, and proper books have shown to give great educations, but of course it all comes at a price. Institutions like Horace Mann and other prominent private schools spend thousands more per student and it obviously shows in the education of the child. Even public schools such as those found in prominent neighborhoods such as Scarsdale, are much better off than city schools simply because of property tax differences. I propose that less is spent on military and space plans and more on education so that every child in the country may have enough knowledge

to compete in the work place. This competition would only better the economy in time. With a more educated population, the crime rate would inevitably go down. The next step would be better funding of the judicial system. It is not fair that poor defendants who cannot afford their own lawyer receive a sentence because their two dollar an hour lawyer fell asleep during the hearings. Proper funding of courts would allow these poor defendants to have a better chance of proving their innocence and that if they are guilty that it may be proved beyond a doubt. Jails are being produced at an incredible rate because of lack of funding to schools, but people don’t want to change this new institution because it generates jobs in poor towns. We as the American people, must begin to look

to the future of our children and grandchildren and not just to our own futures. If we do not attempt to change things now, how much harder will it be twenty or a hundred years from now to fix everything that has been done. Legislative action should also be taken to ensure that proper procedures are being followed. It took the civil rights movement years to get their point across, but they finally did when the Supreme Court ordered desegregation of schools, buses, restaurants, etc. If a state did not comply, then the National Guard was sent in such as in Little Rock, Arkansas, when the Governor refused to desegregate schools. The federal government tries to let each state rule itself as it says in the constitution, but there comes a time when if something is not done correctly

then some higher power has to take charge, and in this case that higher power is the federal government, and if it takes the army to get the point across then that is what must be done. Heavy taxation policies such as those used when Yonkers refused to integrate its school can also be put into place so that everyone may follow the laws. We call ourselves a democratic country but if the people cannot do what is best for the country then the government should take action. President John F. Kennedy once said that “the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened”. It is the duty of every American and every person around the world to look out for his/her neighbor. To quote a famous passage from the Scriptures: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The