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tables in New Orleans Square. soOn the “Main Street Electrical Parade” will transfix you with thousands of tiny colored lights, and bouquets of fireworks will blossom over Sleeping Beauty Castle. Before your eyes, Disneyland reveals another side touched with unforgettable enchantment. 2.3. Six Flags Magic Mountain The park's attractions include many noted roller coasters, including newcomers X and Deja Vu, as well as stand-bys inlcuding the hypercoaster Goliath; the classic wooden Colossus; the feet-dangling, hairpin-turn-filled Batman the Ride; and the sheer speed of Superman the Escape. Younger and shorter visitors can get their kicks at Bugs Bunny World. Along with the roller coaster, race cars and mini-prop planes, Bugs Bunny World features live music and stunt, water and

interactive shows. Cyclone Bay, toward the back of the park, showcases a row of specialty shops. Don't miss Bayshore Candy, where you can watch fudge, caramel apples and other mouth-watering delights being made. Remember to wear walking shoes, because Magic Mountain is expansive and hilly. Attractions: More than 100 rides, games and attractions, including four roller coasters listed in the "Guinness Book of World Records." There are 15 roller coasters, including the new X roller coaster. Hours: From 10 a.m. daily April 1 through Sept. 10 and weekends and holidays the remainder of the year. Closing hours vary. 2.4. Universal Studios. Why just watch the movies when you can live them at Universal Studios Hollywood – the world’s biggest and busiest television and motion

picture studio theme park! Be a part of movie magic with an action-packed day of spine-tingling rides, thrilling shows, explosive stunts, awesome spesial effects and amazing adventures! And the fun builds as the day goes on. Put yourself in the spotlight as you hang out with your favorite characters and step into the scenes of eour favorite movies. It’s the magic of hollywood…and everywhere you turn, you’ve the star! Jurassic Park - The Ride. Get ready to live the most spine-tingling adventure in 65 million years when Jurassic Park – The Ride brings the biggest blockbustr ever thundering to life on the most spectaculer water ride of all time. You’ll journey deep into the Jurassic Jungle aboard a runaway raft to face Spitters, Raptors and the ultimate terror – a

towering T-Rex. Jurassic Park – The Ride. You’ll Wish It Was Just A Movie! Back To The Futer – The Ride. Hang on! Doc Brown is sending you screaming through time on the greatest ride in history! Blasting you back to the Dawn of Time for wild run-ins with a 50-foot T-Rex, an Ice Age avalanche and a molten volcano! Then rocketing you into Hill Valey 2015! Thrill to the 21-million jigowatt adventure that’s like riding a flying roller coaster! WaterWorld – A Live Sea War Spectacular. Get ready for an ocean of thrills as WATERWORLD – A Live Sea War Spectacular, brings the blockbustermovie surging to life! Breath-taking action, death-defying stunts and never-before-seen pyrotechnics will engulf you in a millions gallons of pure adrenalone! WaterWorld – it blows every

other stunt show out of the water! Backdraft. Fell the fury of 10,000 degrees of excitement as BACKDRAFT roads to life! You’ll step into a firestorm of blazing beams, exploding barrels, rocketing drums and more in this fie-alarm speciaieffects thriller! Earthquake. You’re in forr the shock of your life: a heart-pounding 8.3 Earthquake that will have you on the edge of your seat, screaming for more! It’s a 10 on the fun scale! King Kong. Go face to face with King Kong, the greatest movie monster in history! He’s 30 feet and 30,000 pounds of howling, growling terror, ready to take things into his own hands! Experience the ultimate Kongfrontation! E.T. Adventure. Quick! Hop aboard a starbound bike. Fell hte wind on your face as you race across galaxies on an adventure like

none before. Help E.T. save his planet, and when you do, E.T. will thank you personally. The World Of Cinemagic! You’ll be the star of the show as our special-effects experts take you behind the scenes for a first-hand look at movie magic. Learn the triks of the trade and see the secrets of cutting-adge film technology. Join us as we take sound effects and visual wizardly from he sound stage to the Silvr Screen, right before your eyes ans ears! You’ll never watch movies the same way again! Animal Actors. Then thril to the animal magnetism of superstars like Beethoven, Lassie and Babe. It’s a special treat for kids, but people of all ages will howl at the antics of our exclusive animal stars! Universal City. Get ready for anything and everything at Universal City! The