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Walt Disney's film, Song of the South, is the perfect one! You'll glide past hundreds of singing figures and dash over waterfalls and around curves. Then hang on, as you head straight for the briar patch in a zip-a-dee-doo-dah, five-story splash down! Fantasyland. Sleeping Beauty Castle beckons you to Fantasyland – where every corner holds a bit of the magic of dreams come true. If Disneyland has a heart, it is surely here, in this enchanted realm you'll recognize at once as the home of your favorite childhood fantasies. The whimsical headgear found at such shops as the Mad Hatter in Fantasyland have become a time-honored Disneyland tradition – and the perfect way to cap your fun at the Park! The meticuljus craftmanship seen throughout Disneyland is well represent in

Fantasyland where the King Arthur Carrousel and Dumbo the Flying Elephant turn and glide in ornately carved and painted splendor. What could be more magical than letting a rose-bedecked steed carry you back to the elegance of yesterday? Fantasyland is the home of the small,gentle, and whimsical. Take a smili-sized trip on the Casey Jr. Circus Train or voyage through Monstro's jaws into a miniature Storybook Land. You'll be enchanted by It's a Small World, where young goodwill ambassadors singing a hopeful song, prove that little things make a big world of magic. The enchanted of Walt Disney's animated film classics come to three-dimensional life in Fantasyland. Here you'll meet a princess, get a bit of sare from the Wicked Witch, whirl in a Mad Tea Party and experience an amusing

trip through Wonderland with Alice. You may even rub elbows with one of the Seven Dwarfs! Nerves tingle as you race through ice caverns and careen down snowy slopes on the Matterhorn Mountain – the first of the “mountain” attractions created at disneyland. Towering above Fantasyland, the Matterhorn offers panoramic Park views – and even a peek at an Abominable Snowman! The thrilling and chilling bobsled run twist and turns through the windswept mountain, finally splashing down in an alpine lake. Mickey’s Toontown. Mickey’s Toontown, onece the exclusive hideaway of Mickey Mouse and all his animated friends, is now a colorful, larger-than-life, interactive playground for you to explore. You can minglewith your favorite cartoon character and visit the imaginative,

three-dimensional cartoon dream homes of Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goffy, and Chip’n Dale. This wacky community is loaded with surprises, too! You can bounce off the cushiony walls at Goofy’s Bounce House, get out of control at Car Toon Spin, take a wild ride on Gadget’s Go Coaster, talk to manhole covers, dive into thousands of acorns, and thn board the Jolly Trolley for a merry jaunt around toontown. Tomorrowland. High tech travel is the name of the game in Tomorrowlnd where submarines and starships take you from the ocean depths to outerspace, and the Disneyland monorail carries you through a streamlined landscape. Visit some famous places on Earth at circle-Vision or the galaxies on Spase Mountain and Star Tower where future frontiers are just a flight away. Board

the Atarspeeder 3000 for galactic gasps on Star Tower, based on George lucas'famed film trilogy. The pilot's rookie, but he'll get you past pounding Iceteroids, spaceship dogfights, and through the Death Star's chasms. And he'll do it with just a slight blast to your nerves! Watch out! You're surrounded by light, sound, and action in Captain EO, a 3-D musical spectacular with dazzling photography and special effects. Michael Jackson captains a hilarious crew who “bands” together to bring color and music to a dark planet. Captain EO brought together the legendary talents of Michael Jackson, produser George Lucas and award-winning writer-director Francis ford Coppola. Comic thrill seekers flock to Space Mountain where the laws of gravity seem suspended as you spiral through the

stars. The futuristic structure overlooks The Star Trader and Starcade which offer out-of-this-world merchandise and fun! After Dark. When Mickey used his imagination, the result is – FANTASMIC! Set on the Rivers of America, this thrilling spectacular combines Disney characters, music, dancers, and state-of-the-art illusions for the most elaborate presentation in the history of Walt Disney Theme Parks. Lasers, black lights, fireworks, and images on huge mist screens bring a cavalcade of animated characters to life amidst crashing waves and shooting star. A fantasy of Mickey’s vivid imagination – it is sure to capture yours! The sun sets, and in the soft dusk, lights bloom – twinkling along main Street, casting a futuristic glow over Space Mountain and shining on candelit