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displays fresh,crisp wares while flovers bloom eveywhere. The saxophone band entertains on street corners and a marching band makes you tap your toes. Every sight and sound on Main Street is guaranteed to make you fell “red, white, and blue ” all over! Entertainment on Main Street comes in lots of shapes, sizes, styles, and smiles. Disney cartoons at the Main Stret Cinema serve up hearty helpings of laughter, while shops like the Crystal Arcade offer keepsakes to treasure. Or learn a magic trick or two at the Main Street Magic Shop. Just remember – on Main Street fun comes the old-fashioned way – you make it yourself! Adventureland. Don your pith helmets and enter the land where adventure reigns, but beware the eyes of Mara! The Indiana Jones Adventure takes you deep into

the jungle to explore the hidden Temple of the Fobidden Eye. You’ll encounter shrieking mummies, an avalanche of creepy crawlies, a rickety bridge, and experience a terrifying confrontation with the ancient diety Mara. Remember…many have come, but few have retuened! No visit to Adventureland could be complete without taking the famous Jungle Cruise, which has been a highlight of the Disneyland experience since the Park opened. But are you daring enough to brave charging hippos, hungry alligators, splashing elephants – and your guide’s outrageously funny puns? Exotic color and patterns catch the eye. Spicy scents tempt the tastebuds. Whether you unearth gifts at the Adventureland South Sea Traders and Adventureland Bazaar or track down new tastes at The Bengal Barbecue and

Aladdin’s Oasis, great discoveries await you at this “outpost of civilization.” The ultimate treehouse fantasy, the swiss Family Treehouse was inspired by the living quartes of the famous family of film and furnished from airy rooms to an ingenious waterwhel. The Treehouse is a fanciful tribute to the kind of lifestyle you dreamt of as a child – and possibly even yearn for as an adult. New Orleans Square. Come to New Orlean Square where the Pirates of the Caribbean willshiver your timbers, and ghosts an The Haunted Mansion will tickle your ribs1 the hot sounds of jazz and the delicious scentes of southern cooking waft by s you stroll through the French Quarter. Here you’ll find shops offering fine perfumes and one-of-a-king antiques, gourmet cookware, and fanciful hats.

It’s all part of the atmosphere of New Orleans Square, a plase that’s as beautiful as a bayou night and as much fun as Mardi Gras! Sailing by the twinkling lights of the famed Blue Bayou Restaurant, guests enter a realm of delightful danger on the Pirates of the Caribbean. You’ll voyage past pirate plunder guarded by grinning skeletons, dodge cannnballs and escape from a town set ablaze by salty dogs. Watch out for merrybuccanners along the way! They’re always out to steal a laugh. Greet some folks who’ve been “dying to meeet you” – 999 unruly spirits in The Haunted Mansion – a charming place fully equipped with hot-and-cold running thrills! Ghostly voices guide you through a doorless chamber past a ballroom full of transparent dancers and into graveyards

ringing with serenades from marble statues. Fun? You bet your life it is! Frontierland. Pioneer days live on in Frontierland! Beneath the peaks of Big Thunder Mountain, banjo pickers, craftspeople, farm animals, and boatmen recreate the hardly atmosphere of the american wildernees and spirit of those who made it theie home. Discover a cargo of history on the Rivers of America. Board authentic replicas of two ships: the Mark Twain Steamboat, a Mississippi sternwheeler, and the Sailing Ship Columbia, the first American ship to travel the world. Guests can paddle a canoe, take a refeshing ride on the Mike Fink Keelboats or raft over to Tom Sawyer Island for adventures just like Mark Twain's young hero enjoyed. Catch the run-away fun on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Taking you

racing through a collapsing mine, past rockslides, varmints, and wild western scenery. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the most rip-roaring ride you've ever hollered, rooted and hooted through! Critter Country. Tucked into a shady hollow below the slopes of Splash Mountain, Critter Country invites you to stay a spell. Enjoy the famouse Country Bear jamboree, where big All, Teddi Barra and the Bear Rugs put on a honey of a show! Or relax as country fiddlers, shops, and restaurants serve up god times adn good food. Critter Country is so downright friendly, it's easy to believe in the time when, as Uncle Remus says, “Critter were closer to the folks, and the folks were closer to the critters!”. Brer Rabbit says everybody needsa laughin's place, and Splash Mountain, inspired by