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Junipero Serra and a group of Spaniards founded the San Gabriel Mission as the center of the first "community" in an area inhabited by small bands of Gabrielino Indians. Twelve years after Portola's trek, which began in San Diego and ended in Monterey, a company of settlers called "Los Pobladores" were recruited in the states of Sonora and Sinaloa in Mexico. Their mission, under authority of Governor Felipe de Neve, was to establish pueblos in the name of the king of Spain. On September 4, 1781, the Pobladores, a group of 12 families - 46 men, women and children led by Captain Rivera y Moncada - established a community in the area discovered by Portola, and named it El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reyna de Los Angeles de Porciuncula, after the nearby river.

Over time, the area became known as the Ciudad de Los Angeles, "City of Angels," and on April 4, 1850 became the City of Los Angeles. California was ruled by Spain until 1822 when Mexico assumed jurisdiction. After a two-year period of hostilities with Mexico beginning in 1846, the area came under U.S. control. In 1848 the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo made California a United States territory.The County of Los Angeles was established on February 18, 1850 as one of the 27 original counties, several months before California was admitted to the Union. It derived its name from the area known as Los Angeles, already a large community, and made it the designated "seat" of County government. On April 1, 1850 the people of Los Angeles County asserted their newly won

right of self-government and elected a three-man Court of Sessions as their first governing body. A total of 377 votes were cast in this election. In 1852 the Legislature dissolved the Court of Sessions and created a five-member Board of Supervisors. In 1913 the citizens of Los Angeles County approved a charter recommended by a board of freeholders which gave the County greater freedom to govern itself within the framework of state law. Land Area 4,081.58 Square Miles Unincorporated Area 2,653.5 Square Miles Flat Land 1,741 Square Miles Mountains 1,875 Square Miles Hilly Land 246 Square Miles Islands 131 Square Miles Mountain Valleys 59 Square Miles Marsh Land 28 Square Miles The official flag of the county of Los Angeles is blue, green and gold.The blue signifies clear skies.

The green border is to keep Los Angeles beautiful and the gold lettering "county of Los Angeles" stands for the land of opportunity for everyone since gold was discovered in California. The seal is the official seal of the County of Los Angeles. The flag was approved on October 17, 1967 by the Board of Supervisors and flew for the first time in front of the County Courthouse on March 28, 1968. II.Los Angeles. 2.1. Los Angeles now. Los Angeles teems with excitement both sunup and sundown. Los Angeles is a youthful, vibrant city, proud of her well extablished roots. Claimed for Spain by Portuguese conquistador Juan Cabrillo in 1542, the sleepy Indian village of 4000 was named ElPueblo Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles – “The city of Our Lady Queen of the

Angels.” Today the “City Of Angels” hosts an assortment of lifestyles and a population of nearly three million, with over seven million in Los Angeles Country. The boundaries econompass over 463 square miles of urban ,desert, mountain and coastl landscapes. This area is large enough to hold the combined cities of St. Louis, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Boston, Pittsburgh, Manhattan and San Francisco. Los angeles basks in a mediterranean climate and 350 days of golden sun yearly. The dry summers and comfortable winters make L.A. the envy of the nation. Beverly Hills is the world-famous meeting place for the elite and the curious visitor. Rolls Royces, Mercedes and Jaguars line the streets, and the famous and not-so-famous stroll these chic boulevards in search of

recognition and fashion trends. Gucci, Pucci, Giorgio’s, Tiffany’s and a host of other prestigious stores add glamour and excitement to the shoping scene. Just around the corner, nestled under the landmark H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D sign, Hollywood thrives on the creative energies of film directors, actor, dancers and music makers. Universal Studios, once a combination movie studio and chicken ranch, is now the world’s largest motion picture studio. Universal’s back lot stretches over more then 420 acres. Soundstages, western sets, Mexican villages, and New York city streets come to life in a make-believe world. Just over the hill-thrills, spills and excitement await at Southern California’s exciting theme parks. Six Flags Magic Mountain offers more than 100 rides and atractions