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"rusty" sputum at a lung fever, a sputum in the form of « crimson jelly » at a cancer of a lung) or located by separate streaks). Allocation through respiratory ways of a significant amount of a blood are worn with the name of a pulmonary bleeding. The pneumorrhagia and a pulmonary bleeding meets more often at malignant tumours, a gangrene, an infarct of a lung, a tuberculosis, a bronchoectatic disease, traumas and wounds of a lung, and also at mitral heart diseases. The failure of cardiovascular system at diseases bronchopulmonary the apparatus the majority of authors designates the term pulmonary heart. Chronic pulmonary heart is developed approximately at 3 % persons suffering by chronic lung diseases, and in the common structure of a mortality from a stagnant

heart failure on a share of chronic pulmonary heart 30 % of cases are necessary. Pulmonary heart is a hypertrophy and dilatation or only dilatation of a right ventricle occurs as a result of a hypertonia of a small circle of the circulation, caused by diseases of bronchuses and lungs, deformation of a thorax, or a primary lesion of pulmonary arteries. Библиография. "Основы Физиологии" под редакцией П. Стерки перевод с английского Н. Ю. Алексеенко. Гребнев А.Л., Шептулин А.А. «Основы общего ухода за больными» Баешко А.А., Гайдук Ф.М. «Неотложные состояния» Энциклопедия «Сам себе

доктор: как оказать первую медицинскую помощь в различных условиях до прибытия врача» В. Машков «Основы лечебной физической культуры». Е. Васильев «Лечебная физическая культура». М. Бормаш «Человек» Н. Прибылов «Лечебная физкультура» Л. Аксельрод «Спорт и здоровье» В. Майстрах «Профилактика заболеваний»