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John. In Romans 13:1-5, Paul writes, ?The authorities that exist have been established by God. For he is God?s servant to do you good?? and ??to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.? Again, the impression here may promote Catholics to believe that the Bible is for capital punishment, yet at the same time one can still argue that nowhere does the New Testament actually state that authorities should be authorized to sentence another to death. The Islamic views on capital punishment differ from those of the Catholic church. The Islamic religion holds a strong position against capital punishment. Their belief is stated in their sacred writing, the Quran. In the Islam religion, the Quran not only states the beliefs, but the solutions to committed crimes too. In the Islamic tradition,

criminals will not be sentenced to jail for committing a crime. If a thief is convicted for stealing from another person, their punishment will be to work for that person until they can return the amount they stole. Islamic belief states that the family of the thief will also suffer if the convicted is sent to jail. The Islamic religion believes that a sentence into prison is ?cruel and unusual punishment.? By not sending the accused to prison, money is saved on the prison system.An often misunderstanding of the Islamic belief is that a thief?s hand will be cut off as his form of punishment. This is not a true statement about Islamic belief. Rather than cutting off the hand, numbers are marked on the thief?s hand so he will be recognized as a thief. In Islam, the victim decides

what the punishment will be for the offender. Capital punishment is not practiced in the Islamic religion. Islamic belief states that killing the murderer will not bring back the victim and the victim?s family will not benefit if the perpetrator is executed.In order gain a greater understanding of capital punishment, I interviewed my mom and my dad because they each hold different positions on the matter. My dad feels capital punishment should be legal, while my mom thinks that it should not. Although I agree with my mom, I respect both of their views because they both have good reason to their positions. My dad believes that the punishment of the death penalty should remain legal. He feels that it prevents more serious crimes from taking place. He also brought up the point that

for some people life in prison is better lifestyle than what they might already be living. He concluded with the fact that it is also a waste of taxpayer?s money to life-sentence those criminals who should receive the death penalty. My mom on the other hand, believes two wrongs don?t make a right. She feels that we are not helping society when we use killing to punish someone who killed someone else. My mom thinks that it is the perpetrator?s family who will suffer more in the long run, than the actual accused. My mom feels that no one except God should have the right to take away another person?s life. She believes that when a person commits a serious violent crime, rather than sentencing them to death, they should be sentenced to life in jail without any possible chance of

parole.In my opinion, I believe that the death penalty punishment should be abolished. Whether a person is good or bad, their life is still a gift from God, and no person has the right to take that gift away. God is the only one who can judge people, and it is wrong to put the price of someone else?s life in another person?s hands. The law of the government and the law through God states that killing is wrong and illegal. This should be respected in all cases including that of a murderer himself. How are we teaching society a lesson if we kill someone for killing someone else? Another issue one must look at is the fact that not everyone has a fair chance to defend themselves against the death penalty. For instance, let?s say that a poor person commits the same crime as a rich

person has and are both faced with the death penalty punishment. The rich person has a likelier chance of receiving a lighter sentence because he can provide for himself a more suitable lawyer than that of the poor man. With the representation of an averaged or below averaged lawyer, the poor person will probably receive the death penalty. This is discriminatory towards the poor and is unjustifiable. Some people may argue that sentencing those who commit violent crimes to prison cost more than execution. So far in 1998, fifty-eight people have been executed in the United States. Placing an extra fifty-eight people in jail is not going to cause our economy to go broke. By enforcing the death penalty among the accused, we are really causing more pain for innocent people. When one