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Others think that he isn’t too outrageous and that his routine is really hilarious. Outrage can stifle comedy in many other ways that I have not already written. Some of them are when a comedian becomes too outrageous during his routines and starts to talk about a person’s race or sex. This can bring about many critics. If a comedian starts joking about a certain race, many people will be offended. If he starts to talk about women in a bad way, women will criticize him. Another way to stifle comedy with outrage is to side with a certain political issue. If you side with a certain political group (i.e. Democrats or Republicans) you will draw many critics. Also, you can stifle comedy by showing this outrageousness to children. There must be a certain age in which this

outrageousness can be viewed. We can’t have the children of America watching Denis Leary talk about how cigarettes are great and singing a song titled “A$$HOLE”. In my opinion of what I have seen in Denis Leary’s “No Cure for Cancer” there is validity in the assertion that he crosses the line into outrageousness and his comedy is stifled. I still do not believe that it makes him funny, but I can see how critics may believe that he does. With his profanity, smoking and how he expresses himself by yelling, he is really amusing to watch. Denis is able to make many people laugh and like any other comedian; there is always a critic of their comedy. They are critics of all comedians and not just Denis. Although, Denis may have more critics than others, he gets them because

of his outrageousness. This is not a negative towards Denis, it is the way he is and there isn’t anything or anyone who is going to change it. 342