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Behavior Changes Essay, Research Paper Behavior Changes The health behavior that I would like to change is the usage of smokeless tobacco. I need to stop using tobacco, so I can have nice teeth and try to avoid getting cancer. My personal goal is to either use it very, very minimal, or quit completely. If I can accomplish this goal, then I will have clean teeth and more money. 1. Alice. (July 30, 1998). ?Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Drugs.? (Oct. 22, 2000). This site gives many good tips on how to quit chewing. You must be patient with the process of quitting. You need to be positive with yourself and you can also get some support from family and friends. Make sure you avoid ?triggers,? situations that will make you want to have a ?dip.?

Plan alternatives to using tobacco. Use sunflower seeds or chew gum. Reward yourself with the extra money you save. Don?t let yourself be defeated. 2. American Academy of Family Physicians. (2000). ?Smokeless Tobacco: Tips on how to Stop.? (Oct. 22, 2000). When trying to quit chewing, you must set a date. Set a date 1 to 2 weeks from the day you decide to quit. Make sure that you get support from family and friends. Use gum or sunflower seeds as an alternative. Try to stay active, avoid situations where you will become bored. If you slip up in your attempt to quit, try again. Learn from your mistakes. Just don?t give up. 3. WebMD. (Feb. 21, 2000). ?WebMD Medical News.? (Oct. 22, 2000). When deciding to

quit, you must give yourself a good reason to quit. Pick a date to quit. Give yourself 2 to 3 weeks to quit. Ask for support from your family and friends. Make sure you stay active and avoid situations where you would use smokeless tobacco. Use gum or sunflower seeds as alternatives. You can also use a nicotine patch and nicotine gum. Make sure you reward yourself after every week and month after you quit. 4. Illinois Department of Health. (2000). ?Quitting Smokeless Tobacco.? (Oct. 22, 2000). Before you decide to quit chewing tobacco switch to a brand that you don?t like. Postpone your chewing episodes by an hour everyday. Make sure you set a date to quit chewing. If you have the urge to have a ?dip,? take a walk

or drink some water. Use sugarless gum as an alternative to tobacco. Get rid of all of your tobacco products. Treat yourself to something nice with the extra money you save. I will use the strategies of all of these web sites, because all of the sites have the same strategies. They must work if all of these sites have the same strategies. I like the idea of using alternatives when wanting to have a ?dip.? I also like the idea of rewarding myself with the extra money I will save myself.