Before You Were Mine Essay Research Paper

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Before You Were Mine Essay, Research Paper ??????????? As I walked across and the moonlit bridge that January morning my thoughts began to wander. I remembered the days when I first knew you, when you used to ignore me no matter what I did. What were you like before that? Did you change when I met you? I don’t know, but I can imagine. ??????????? Maybe you used to go out on the town every night with your friends, the maybe you sat at home doing your work, and would I ever know? I could ask you but how? ??????????? As I stepped in the door I heard its, no his scream, ever since he was born last month all there have been are constant screams as if he were being tortured. The new generation, what will they think of us and one no ‘old’ people, how will he feel about the

time before we were his? Will he imagine, like I’d do, or should I tell him that the truth, how I met his mother, what she was like? I suspect it would go something like this… ??????????? I’d just left school for the final time last week and already had lined myself up for a job interview today, 1:00pm, go to the reception desk and state your name, those were my instructions, but getting there was a different matter. What road was it? I said to myself as I drove slowly, like a tourist, round the city centre looking at my map. I pulled over by a police car and got out to ask for directions. ??????????? "Do you know where this company is situated," I said, flashing a business card in front of the officer. ??????????? "I’m busy right now," He said. I

proceeded by repeating my question, which wasn’t a good idea. He then snapped at me, " Be quiet and get in at the back." Naturally, I did what the officer said, but I didn’t realise the implications. I ended up at the police station in a cell, I didn’t know what was going on but I tried to explain, then I saw her, a rose among thorns, she walked in and softly said, ??????????? " You may come with me." It turned out that she worked at the company with whom it I’d applied for a job with. It seemed I’d accidentally stumbled upon a police operation to prevent a bank robbery that they had received a tip-off about. They thought the robbers sent me as a distraction. When they realised there was no bank robbery they contacted the company from the card I was

carrying, and someone had been sent to collect me. The instant I saw her I felt I knew her as if we had been friends all our lives, but she did not seem to notice me. For three years I worked as a computer systems programmer trying to gain her attention at every opportunity, then, out of the blue, I heard I was getting a promotion. Senior software supervisor, this meant that I would work closely with her every day. I didn’t know if this was an opportunity for happiness, or for torture. Nearly a four-month passed before she so much as spoke to me about anything other than work, and then my chance came. She was just in the middle of assembling a new piece of software onto disc and said, ??????????? " Go get two coffees and meet me in the cafe in 10 minutes." ???????????

" OK." ??????????? I replied. I left immediately and scurried off to get a coffee 10 minutes came and past, as did 20 and 30. I then began to worry, could she have been hurt or did she just forget? When I got to her office she was spread out on the floor with a pool of blood around her head were she had fallen on the corner of the table, I rushed for the phone and called an ambulance, she survived, but just. She lost most of her memory, including about her job. I told her what had happened and she thanked me. It turned out the chair had been defective and had collapsed as she tried to get up. She didn’t however wish to press charges. Over the next few months I took her around the area familiarising her with her ‘new’ surroundings. We grew closer in this time, but