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Beethoven Essay, Research Paper Who Do You Call Educated? How is it possible to be a composer and face the reality that one s acute hearing is slowly slipping away? However, for the fortunate one s like Beethoven, he was able to master his musical career even though he didn t have the full benefit of hearing his own musical talents evidently this is one case of the great miracles of art. He is an incredible, and well-educated composer. His educational background, talent, and determination are all the factors that help structure him into an educated man. In the following essay, it will be attempted to prove that Beethoven is a well-educated composer. Ludwig van Beethoven was given birth with an incredible talent. His ability to compose great works of music is still studied and

admired by modern-day musicians. His love for music began at a young age, which led to sparse involvement with other young children and games. Rather, he spent much more time on musical studies. With hardly any support from much people, he relied on his inner desire and self-motivation, and ignored all possible barriers so that he could continue working towards his goal. His passion for music grew as his talent broadened while taking advantage of musical education. Studying in Tironicium, Beethoven was taught the German language, basic arithmetic and some Latin. He was then educated in a variety of musical trainings. Composers who mentored Beethoven such as Tobias Friedrich Pfeiffer, Franz Rovantini, Christian Gottlob Neefe, and Franz Josef Haydn, recognized the musical gifts

that Beethoven possessed. Through the guidance of his mentors, Beethoven not only learnt how to compose, he mastered his skills on the piano and violin. Beethoven also received the position of an apprentice musician, which further more enhanced his musical skills. After being trained by several musical composers, Beethoven had used his abilities to the best of his advantage. As time went on, his musical career and talent progressed, and he had enabled himself to conquer music so that other musicians as well were influenced by his incredible work. His educational background has therefore expanded and is elite. His determination in composing never stopped. Even with a troubled childhood, Beethoven was still able to hone his musical talents. His dad, who was an alcoholic, was only

interested in Beethoven s musical talents for its financial potential. On the other hand, his mother was never happy. She d always have a frown on her face and would support her husband even for his drinking problems. Through this, Beethoven was upset and disappointed, but this never stopped him from accomplishing his dreams. Even through his most difficult and roughest obstacle, he still pursued. As he grew deaf, he never lost hope. His mind grew stronger. The notes and melodies were implanted within his mind and used to create his musical material. Being deaf, at some point, did have a great affect on his emotions. Although he thought about committing suicide, it never actually happened. Beethoven s determination was far wider than any ocean and had wings that flew like an

eagle. Beethoven was a musical genius who composed great classical pieces of music. The gradual loss of hearing only made Beethoven s mind stronger. People of today still love his music. He was not just an ordinary man. He was conqueror who overcame his physical deficiencies to utilize his great talents, strong determination and extensive, educational background to become one of the greatest classical composers. Therefore, proven by these three criteria, he is a well-educated man.