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reverberation I?ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing, and, seemingly, all in my favor, against cruel and remorseless nature, pleading to let me pass. I, however, felt like only a petty bystander in this competition between the symphony and the elements, completely unable to comprehend, let alone justify either side?s wish, only able to observe the outcome and obey it as the gospel that I knew it was. Thus, whether or not I ever achieved my destination is beside the point. My sojourn in that small neighborhood taught me perhaps what is life?s most important lesson. This lesson is clear: there are many things in this world completely beyond most men?s small intellects. They may manifest themselves in certain artworks, novels, or musical masterworks; however, these manifestations

only serve as reminders to arrogant man. While it is true that these manifestations are created by singular members of the selfsame race, these members serve only as conduits of a greater, nearly incomprehensible power; something which they, themselves, may often forget.