Becoming A Peak Performer Essay Research Paper

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Becoming A Peak Performer Essay, Research Paper Becoming a Peak Performer Two techniques for becoming a peak performer as proposed by Charles A. Garfield that I have utilized in my college career are envisioning a mission and being results oriented. Garfield s thoughts on envisioning a mission are that peak performers desire more then simply winning the next fight. They look to winning the war. Keeping focus on a long-range goal, which requires commitment and action. Through my schooling, I have learned that school can be very difficult, but at all times my mind is focused on receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in computer science. Receiving the degree is important to me because school has been a challenge in life that I have freely accepted. The degree will represent my

victory over that self-imposed challenge, making me the first member of my family to receive a degree. The second of Garfield s techniques that I use in my college career is to be results oriented. In Garfield s view, peak performers work toward goals that are required of their mission. I work hard in all my classes that I attend, although many courses either have no bearing, or are not even closely related to my major. I give full effort to all of my courses, because each course I take is a requirement of my goal, receiving a computer science degree. A technique that Garfield overlooks in regards to becoming a peak performer is having the ability to communicate with others. Although there are peak performers who do not posses this trait, I feel that people who can communicate

with others are more likely to succeed in team driven environments, and thus are able to excel in life, the ultimate team endeavor. Through the use of Garfield s techniques, envisioning a mission and being results oriented, and in conjunction with my own technique of communicating with others. I feel that I will be a peak performer and realize the goals that I have set my mind on.