Becoming A Computer Specialist Essay Research Paper

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Becoming A Computer Specialist Essay, Research Paper A Career as an Computer Specialist A computer specialist has always interested me. Many times I would dream for hours about this profession. They make extremely well pay, have good yet sometimes stressful working conditions, have an excellent education, the employment rate is expected to raise to record breaking heights., and have a promising job outlook There is more demand for a computer specialist now than ever because of the fact that everything is being computerized. To me though, the most exciting part of this career is that it will be quite a challenge becoming a computer specialist. The salary for a computer specialist is effortlessly increasing on a daily basis. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook “low

rates are around nine dollars and eighty-six cents and the best at about thirty-five dollars making the average close to eighteen dollars and forty-four cents “(107). On a yearly term, a computer specialist can make around sixty thousand a year on an average salary. More and more people are becoming computer specialist due to the high rate of both employment and salary. According to the Department of Industry Relations (DIR)”[t]his career calls for patience, persistence, and the ability to work accurately under extreme pressure” (DIR 3). Most computer specialist work with on computer most of the time. Most computer specialist work about forty hours a week, but not always nine to five. Sometimes a computer specialist will be called to work for an emergency. Other times the

computer specialist will be required to be to work early or late. Most employers are looking for experienced computer specialist but a well educated college graduate has a good chance at the job. They must be able to think logically and also be able to work complex mathematical quickly and accurately. “The ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail is also important” (CC 4). Most computer specialist must have a four year bachelor’s degree. Most employers are employing well educated college graduates because of cheaper rates. The employment rate for the computer specialist has risen fifty-three percent since 1990. At this point and time in computer history, everyone is balanced on an supply and demand rate. Most employers look for anyone with the best education

and most experience, but when in a bind they take what they can get. “The inexperienced are very seriously handicapped by the quality of employment opportunities available to them” (Grolier 1). Employment of computer specialist is expected to grow fast than average as a number of computer applications continue to increase. Job prospects seem to be the very best for most college graduates who have and will soon receive a major in computer sciences of all kind or a related area. This type of an degree will help in many other fields such as accounting or engineering. “Most entrants are recent graduates of many types of training programs”(CC 9). While researching my career choice of a Computer Specialist, I have decided this is not a career I want to be affiliated with. At

first it seemed interesting, but soon it seemed that this career would be more of a hassle than it seemed to be worth. I think that it would still be interesting, but I do not believe I would not enjoy my profession.