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moment is stretching out forever, even though time keeps ticking away. Then, the poem states that coach passes “a house that seemed a swelling of the ground.” This statement is a metaphor, relating a fresh cemetery plot to a home or resting place. Symbolic of her recognition and approval of death, the metaphor serves its purpose quite well. In essence, the writer does everything possible to not only interest the reader, but to keep creative thoughts juicing through the circuits. In conclusion, Dickinson portrays the dance with Death as something that can be viewed in a positive light instead of just a dreary nightmare. Immortality holds more than just an ending. When viewed as a beginning of something new and exciting, it gives birth to great thoughts to ponder. Dickinson

manages to guide the reader through its stages, clearly emphasizing every point along the way. Her. use of symbolism, poetic rhythm, and sense devices keeps the reader abreast of the situation while also making a bold statement about eternity being an issue to love, not loathe.