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Beauty Within Essay, Research Paper Loryn Fox K.E. Jones English 110 14 March 2000 Beauty Within Everything around us in society seems to contain hidden messages. The media is a main proponent of this, including television shows, magazines, billboard signs, and commercials among others. All of these variations of media have something in common; they depict all woman having thin bodies. Many girls and women are left thinking, “What’s wrong with me, my body doesn’t look like that?” Unfortunately today we are exposed to the media constantly, which invariably influences girls’ self-images, often negatively. I look at myself in the mirror and see a body that can afford to lose ten to fifteen pounds. I frequently find myself comparing my body to all of the models and

actresses on television. The media is influencing my self-image and causing me to think I do not look good enough according to our society, when I am average weight in reality. One component of the media is advertisements. Often they not only sell products, but also sell images, values, and concepts of sexuality. They stereotype what we should look like and what is considered “normal.” This includes perfect skin, washboard abdomens, tall and thin legs, a big chest, and overall a beautiful, perfect body. Advertisers target young girls because they are very vulnerable and sensitive at the age during adolescence. What the advertiser does not either realize or care about is the fact that girls take it to heart that they are not good enough and are unworthy. I look at an

advertisement of Naomi Campbell and think, “How can she be that thin at her height?” What the media neglects to tell us is that her hips are computerized to look smaller than they really are. By laws of physics, if they were actually that small, she would be unable to walk without falling down. This demonstrates the media’s attempt to portray women to be big chested, small waisted, and small hipped in order to be beautiful. I never see an overweight supermodel in an advertisement. This may bring in more money in sales, but in actuality it causes teenagers to deplore themselves for not looking a certain way. I find that I constantly compare myself to others and always want to look different. Today it’s not only a necessity to be thin, but toned as well. Many commercials

promote their products with beautiful people with amazing toned bodies. Girls may begin to exercise excessively and eat less just so they achieve looking like the people on television. Television images teach us that we must look like models and surround ourselves with beautiful things in order to live a worthwhile life. We are constantly attacked with images of “beauty” every time we turn on the television set or flip through a magazine. Continually throughout a person’s daily routine, they are forced to think about their body and self-image because our minds are being filled with “beautiful people” endorsing products that they claim will make us beautiful as well. We believe the advertisers and buy the products, and after using the product we realize we will never

look the same as they do or measure up. I turn on the television and see a commercial for cellulite cream that claims to rid the cellulite in a quick week. This advertisement shows a woman’s firm buttock and toned thighs. It makes me feel inferior and have a low sense of self worth. I would like to have the “perfect” body without any work involved and not have to go to the gym for hours to achieve this. Unfortunately this common desire among men and women is extremely unrealistic. It is not only the magazine advertisement that promotes the image of beauty; it is the actual magazine as well. Magazines put pictures of beautiful women in them to show its readers how they should look. There are certain features of our body that we all would like to change because we feel it is