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same one they were born into. The speaker feel isolated and alienated from what their land once was. They can’t remember it as it been described. They can only picture the present day, which is full of violent police, arrogant people, and racial slurs. This poem seems to be on a more personal basis, which characterizes it as a late poetry work. The poem also makes use of imagery, one example is where they say, “Looney Toon cartoon characters with badges in their jock straps”, this represents the corrupt authorities in the poem ( page 2, line 8). This poem also deals with racial tensions, which is another element of late Chicano poetry. It allows you to reflect on the differences that exist between the past and the present, by putting it in a comparison/contrast form.

Overall this poem deals with the role your homeland has on you and what family means. Maybe it is set in a different way but both poems still have common themes. Both poems are of a late period in Chicano Poetry and they allow you to immerse into them with their limited use of imagery. All the literary elements that lead to this common theme are there. Both speakers seem more secure in their writings, there is acceptance of becoming alienated and they make reference to family and how it connects them to their roots. Morales, Aurora & Rosario. “ Ending Poem”. Currents from the Dancing River, 1994, Edited by Ray Gonzalez. Pinero, Miguel. “This is not the place where I was born”. Currents from the Dancing River, 1994. Edited by Ray Gonzalez.