Beauty Essay Research Paper When I stop

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Beauty Essay, Research Paper When I stop and think about the word beauty, everything else along with the idea of beauty comes into mind. Beauty is like the scene where god kisses everything of his creation, including the most disastrous that is human. Like the perfect even flow of the ocean, beauty is defined by either side of itself. Daffodils, love, and cupids would be meaningless if the other side, poison ivy, hate and witches, ceased to exist. Everything is a part of beauty that in itself contradicts for it’s own existence. When many others think of beauty, they only see the very small part that the entire picture is never complete. Sort of like the commonhouse phrase ’seeing only the tree and not the entire forest’. Whereas in this case the tree is daffodils, love

and cupids. A good friend of mine told me just yesturday how he is madly falling in love with this girl for the reason that he found everything that is beautiful in her. But defining what beauty is, I began doubting at my friend’s passion. What is everything beautiful that my friend sought for? Perhaps she does possess the kind of beauty in appearance that society demands. But there must be some flaw in the overall package that make who she really is. Every person has a flaw,without a flaw, it couldn’t possibly be human. If my friend should detect that flaw in her and love her for that very flaw as well as her beauty, then I would rest my case on this debatable issue. Unfortunatly, beauty is misconstrued, it has been distorted and twisted into a very artificial and unnatural

form. Most people think that beauty is just on the surface. This idea is very unprecarious in a sense that it could lead to a very ill judgement. The idea of beauty is so shallow and not thought of these days. Everybody loves what’s beautiful on the surface, and the moment ‘beauty’ is acknowledged, they think to be in love with it and desire for it. How come is it then, such love and desires don’t last long? If you dig the idea furthur, you might find a complete new formalities of beauty, that is the beauty of ugliness and hate. To define what beauty is and understanding it, is an art. This work of art is so complex and sophisticated and yet so simple, so safe and calm yet so dangerous and boisterous. You would have to be a philosopher and an artist to understand what

beauty is and to learn to love what’s beautiful.