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Beatles Break Up Essay, Research Paper Final paper; The Beatles Break-up The End of a Legend As they walked off the plane, thousands of people stood there to welcome them. They were screaming their names and singing their songs. Everyone had heard of them, they were the true meaning of rock and roll; they defined it. They were the biggest sensation since Elvis; they called themselves The Beatles. They had never expected to be the next sensation. No one ever expects to become a great legend in national or world history. It had taken them two years to establish the final four members, but once they joined together they were known around the world. Even though they were not the greatest guitarists, drummers, singers or musicians (Professor Joel Friedman, personal interview). As

a whole they came together as a world champion team, like a finely tuned machine. But just as every dynasty has its finest hour they came to an end, just like any great thing. No one ever wanted or thought this miraculous band would ever cease to be. However, they did, but why is the question many people still ask today. They were four young men with a dream to play in a band. The members consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. The band was created in nineteen sixty, but the group was not fully established until nineteen sixty-two. This is when the name British Invasion first started to take acclaim. They toured around the world performing everywhere. Not wanting to ever stop for a second because of the love they all had for music and because

of how hard they had worked to finally achieve what all human beings want, success. They had about seven great years together, at least from what the world new, but soon things started to change. The group began to have difficulties within themselves. Internal conflict is what brings all great things to stop working like clockwork. The question is what was so bad that this extremely talented group had to break up? There is much controversy to why the group broke up. Many people believed different things, the problems varied; the problems ranged from drugs to personal differences among one another. The group gave many interviews and had many discussions to why they had broken up, but still there are debates. People now are starting to come to the conclusion, that there is not one

specific reason to why the exceptional band ended. Could the Beatles just have not had anything left to do with their music? According to The Beatles, written by Allan Kozinn, the Beatles had given seven great years of music, but the whole group wanted different things. In a personal interview done with Professor Friedman, the possibilities were endless to why they ended. Lennon had begun recording a record with his wife and felt it was in his best interests to go solo. McCartney, one of the key writers for the band, began creating songs solo. The band no longer worked as a group to accomplish things; they would just come together as one when they needed to record. The band started to feel that it would just be better to go on their own paths and see where they would end. Many

people say this reason could not be true because all of the Beatles songs say written by McCartney-Lennon. McCartney and Lennon would no longer try to create songs together, or try to put music to what they had written. It got to the point were the only reason the songs were McCartney-Lennon was because Lennon might give his opinion if McCartney needed help, not because he wanted to help him write (Friedman). According to the web site, on March 30, 2000,, Harrison had wanted more artistic freedom with his work, which was not possible. Harrison had become very interested in Indian music, culture and philosophy; he wanted to incorporate it into the Beatles music, but Lennon and McCartney would have no part of that. (Kozinn, 162). They believed that they were the