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Bean Trees Essay, Research Paper The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, is the story of Taylor Greer and her struggle to find a place to belong. Like Kingsolver, Taylor began her journey in Kentucky and ended in Tucson, Arizona. As a result of writing The Bean Trees, Kingsolver has been praised by many critics. The San Francisco Chronicle called the writing in The Bean Trees, ” so wry and wise we wish it would never end “. I could not wait for this book to end. Though the novel is well written, the content was done in bad taste. Many factors have led to my disapproval of this novel. For now I will only discuss a few of these factors: an unnecessarily long beginning, the portrayal of Taylor Greer as a heroin, and randomly placed offensive material. From the beginning I was

disappointed with this novel. Kingsolver chose to begin the novel from Taylor’s point of view in Kentucky, but when the reader reaches chapter two, the book switches to Lou Ann’s point of view in Arizona. This tradeoff continues until the end of chapter five when these two characters finally meet and decide to live together. By this time I had no idea what to expect next from this story. Some may enjoy this type of delay before the story truly begins, but I am not one those people. If it were not required of me to read this book, I would have given up reading it by chapter three. My patience was worn thin by this technique. I was driven to boredom. I lacked an understanding concerning what the writer was trying to accomplish. I am still unaware of her reasoning. Kingsolver

could have introduced Lou Ann’s character in less detail. She is not the main character. There is no need for extra background information on a supporting character like LouAnn. By adding extra chapters for detailed character exploration Kingsolver takes away the suspense and intrigue and leaves the reader confused and bored. Kingsolver would have shown better taste in writing by shortening the initial character exposition from five chapters to a more reasonable and less confusing two and a half chapters. Another example of Kingsolver’s lack of taste in her writing is shown through her portrayal of Taylor as a heroin. In the beginning the odds seem to be stacked against Taylor Greer character. The fact that she finished High school and did so without getting pregnant is

triumphant. Kingsolver’s writing leads to believe Taylor is the first and only one to accomplish this feat. This could not be further from the truth. She overcame many obstacles and managed to avoid seemingly predestined events in her life, but she is not the first or last to do so. There is no need to praise and admire her through writing. The heroin theme is reiterated when Taylor takes in Turtle; a young abused Indian girl abandoned by her family. In my opinion, the truly heroic act would have been to find Turtle a more suitable family in which she could receive what Taylor could not provide. She chose to deny this child of a better chance at life, just to fulfill her selfish need for companionship. By the end of the novel, Taylor has accepted what has become of her life and

she does not show any desire for a better life for herself or for her newly adopted daughter. Perhaps it is due to her upbringing and the environment in which she grew up that eventually led to her giving in to the hand dealt to her. Taylor should constantly be striving for something better, any type of improvement. Her acceptance shows she is giving in, giving up, choosing to slowly lose what she worked so hard to gain. Taylor’s story is told with cockiness about her situation, where I would expect humility. Kingsolver’s cockiness in her writing was also shown through her lack of taste. As I was reading this novel, I came across randomly placed offensive material. All of these excerpts could have just as easily been left out. None of these were essential to the story line or