Battle Of The Mountain Essay Research Paper

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Battle Of The Mountain Essay, Research Paper Battle of the Mountain Snowboarding and Skiing are common and different in the subjects of culture, technique, and equipment. There are similarities on and off the mountain as well as major differences. Snowboarding was influenced in the beginning by skiing and it is now growing rapidly. Skiing has been taking part in the boarding culture to regain some ground hey lost to the boarding craze. This culture will be shown through a comparison in a “Battle of the Mountain.” In culture snowboarders and skiers have a certain attitude toward each other or life in general. Snowboarders have a more punk rock, baggy clothing, and crude behavior lifestyle. Skiers have a more bright clothing that looks too small, with a conservative

behavior lifestyle. These are stereotypes of the two, but it is not uncommon behavior. Snowboarders have that more outlandish attitude because of their extreme risks. Generally, people ski because it is less challenging and more of a social event. Their culture is what defines them as a group and most of their similarities are not common in their lifestyle. Boarders and skiers have differences and similarities in their equipment. Snowboarding requires only one piece to guide you down the slopes, where skiing uses four. In skiing you require two slender pieces of fiberglass along with two poles. Snowboarding, with its single wide piece of fiberglass, uses bindings to lock your feet onto the board leaving no room for a scavenger hunt your equipment on the slopes. When you fall in

snowboarding you have three less things to worry about. Instead of a plastic boot used by skiers, snowboarders use custom fitted boots with all the flexibility you need. Snowboards and skis are made out of the same material and they both require waxing. Like some skis, snowboards are carved upwards on both tips of the board for freestyle movements. The equipment is made for the boarder or skier to use on the same slopes. There are many different techniques in the world of skiing and snowboarding. They use the same stopping method of edging by turning and facing the bottom of the board or skis upward. Another in stopping for skiers is a snowplow and cannot be done on a board. Skiers and snowboarders use the same lifts to get up the mountain using carving techniques. Carving is

directing you back and forth across the slope using the side of your board or skis. Skiers use their poles to help push them push up a slower path, where boarder have to take out their back foot to move across the snow. Overall the two groups are very different yet they share the same mountain. Skiers and snowboarders have had quite a rivalry over the years. Throughout that time the two groups have learned to work together on their differences and learn from them. It is human nature to not like something that is different. Most mountain resorts have conformed to the boarder‘s demands of parks where jumps are allowed and their music heard. Ski resorts and boarders have tried to weaken the battle, but the conflict continues.