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Battle Of The Bands Essay, Research Paper Battle of the Bands I told you. Didn t I tell you? We re gonna be famous. I had told them and everyone else that same thing from the day we first played together. Of course, none of them really listened to me, I was the youngest. Whether they heard me or not I had told them and now it was happening. Battle of the Bands had finally arrived and it was ours for the taking. You re still dreaming, man. We haven t even played yet so just calm down. Are you guys stupid or something? This is it, our first step towards fame. None of them could see it, only myself. Why? I knew it from Day 1. Now we were almost there and they still told me I was crazy. I just could not understand it. When it was all over they would tell me I had always been

right. The day finally came. I walked around city hall for half an hour looking at the stage and all the banners and posters. Battle of the Bands was plastered everywhere. The speakers were huge and stage lights were everywhere. I knew we would put on the best show. The other nine bands might as well go home now. I couldn t wait. While I looked at everything being set up for the first band I started thinking of how it all started. Five months ago I didn t know any of the guys I was playing with. Now I practice with them everyday. Five months ago I watched MTV and thought to myself that would be awesome . Now I m going to be in the spotlight while people tell us how awesome we are. Everything happened so quickly. Anthony, come on we gotta bring our stuff over to the tent. My

dreaming would have to wait while I helped get ready for our moment of glory. You think we ll win? I hope so, but I don t know. What do you think? How could any of them ask me that? I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that we would win by a landslide. What a stupid question. Of course we re gonna win. You guys are stupid not to know that. Our turn was slowly creeping up and my excitement was becoming tough to deal with. We picked second to last as our spot. As the highest scoring band in auditions we had first pick. I started to regret picking second to last because I wanted to go on right then and there. These bands were nowhere near our caliber. Let s go out there now and let these people go home a little earlier. I had to do something to take up the time before we played, so

I decided on the best remedy for boredom: I took a nap. Hey. Wake up. It s time for us to set up. We re next. Did I hear correctly? Was it really time? I have to find a bathroom or something and splash some water on my face. I can t believe it s time. I have to make sure my guitar is tuned. Do I have all the cables I need? First I have to find a bathroom. I have got to calm down. How long do we have? About twenty minutes. Why? Because I need to find a bathroom and wa- There s not enough time. We have to take all our stuff up to the stage. I guess I ll have to live without the cold water. Twenty minutes in counting until the debut of America s next box office smash. I must have been starting to wake up because my visions of fame started to come back to me. Who needs cold water

now, I have pure adrenaline. This is it guys. Let s do what we always do and win this thing. Yeah, then you guys will see who knew all along. Like that we were knee-deep into it. Before I could even blink our first song was in the past. I can t believe we re doing it. My energy surged when I saw everyone jumping up and down while we wailed away. I knew we were rocking when I saw the little pit with guys slamming themselves into each other and the volunteer security trying to break it up. I have to admit, I was pretty jittery before my first solo, but when it was all said and done I wanted another. After our second song we encountered some technical difficulties and had to stop for about ten minutes. Our drummer broke his bass pedal and we had to borrow another one. No big deal,