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Vasilevsky devised a plan called Operation Uranus. They spotted weakness in the Germans flanks and knew that they could overpower them. The Soviets then secretly began to mobilize one million troops; 14,000 heavy guns; 1,000 tanks; and 1,350 aircraft to attack the weak German flanks. The Soviets did an excellent job of concealing their plans and the Axis forces were caught with their pants down. On November19th, the Red Armies forces from the Southwestern Front and Don Front launched a massive surprise attack on the Romanian, Italian, and Hungarian positions. In four short days the fast moving Soviet Army had encircled the 6th German army and the 4th Panzer Army, a total of 330,000 men. Attempts by the Armies to break out were stopped and the only alternative was to have supplies

airlifted to them. Hitler ordered that the German Armies may not surrender and that they must fight to the end. The German 6th Army fought a desperate contest but was still unable to penetrate through the Soviet forces. With no food or supplies the army was on the verge of starvation. Paulus had no choice but to surrender what was left of the 6th Army and 4th Panzer Army. The Germans had lost 147,000 men and 91,00 were taken as prisoners of war. The Stalingrad Battle became the turning point on the Eastern Front. Soviets had paid a huge price for victory with over a half of a million casualties. The battle showed the world that the mighty German machine was vulnerable and it gave confidence to the Soviets Armies start pushing the invaders out of the Soviet Union.