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Basketball Essay, Research Paper How to play Basketball Im sure you all have played the game got basketball at sometime but today Im going to tell you a few tips of the game. Do maybe you can become a better player. Basketball is a fun sport but to be good you have to be able to shoot, pass and dribble. In order to score points you have to get the ball in the basket. You can do this by shooting the ball. When you make a shot that is inside the three point line weather its a dunk, lay up or jump shot its worth 2 points. The long range shots outside the three point line are worth three points. If you get fouled while shooting, you get a chance to go to the free throw line where if you make the shot you get one try but if you are fouled and you miss the shot you get two tries.

Each free throw is worth one point. Proper shot alignment would be with your front foot lined up wit the basket. The right foot for right-handed shooters and left foot for left-handed shooters. Your back foot should have the toe lined up wit the front foot heel. The back foot is about shoulder width apart from the front foot. The back foot is primarily used for balance during the shot. And the knees, the closer to the basket the more the knees are used for jumping. At the end of the shot, the knees are flexed enough to slip a dine under the player’s heels. Shooting side elbow should be lined up with the shooting toe. The older the player, the higher the elbow during the shot. For older players, the elbow will be even with the eyes. The wrist should push the ball up and through.

The desired path brings the ball coming straight down toward the basket. Hands and fingers, the index finer and middle finer make up a shooting fork. The middle finer is spread away from the index finger until the skin becomes tight. All the fingers are spread with the outside quater of the thumb touching the ball. The opposite hand is used strictly for balance. Everyone has their own style of shot but those tips can help improve your accuracy when shooting, but a few things that all good shooters do is use a compact motion with a few moving parts, properly align with the target, shoot from a balanced stance, start with a proper grip on the ball, know their range and shot selection and develop consistent shooting habits. Passing is also important to be a good offense basketball

plater. In a basketball game if you want to score and be successful, you have to be able to move the ball around the court and keep it away from your opponents. A lot of great NBA stars who are known for scoring over 30 points a game have to credit players on their team to get them the ball, Karl Malone had John Stockton from the Utah Jazz, Chris Webber has one of the fanciest players in the league Jayson Williams of the Sacramento Kings. Catching a pass when closely guarded you should move, take a step to meet the ball. When stopping use a one-two stop wit the inside foot as a pivot foot. Lastly turning is also important to make a front turn to see the basket. Your body stays low so you can have position against the defender. Feet should step at, around, over or through the

defense. Your arms are used to protect the ball. Head and eyes should always be up when you receive the ball, hold the ball in the triple threat position, this gives you the opportunity to either shoot, pass or dribble the ball. For good positioning pass the ball then move somewhere. Come to the passer only to maintain spacing, to break pressure defense or when the player is open. Good passers always know when to pass the ball, how to pass away from the defender, maintain proper floor spacing also know what to do after catching the ball and how to make a smooth transition to the triple threat position, he also instinctively adjusts to being closely guarded. Also to help out the person with the ball in making a design on where to pass it if you open you should call for the ball.