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Basketball Comparison Essay, Research Paper Clash of the Titans Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon em. (2,v, 77, Twelfth Night.) What makes a great basketball player? The National Basketball Association (NBA) consists of many talented players, all of whom have the potential to become great. Among the prolific scorers, towering shot blockers, diligent rebounders, and creative passers, none is more deserving for the title of great player than Vince Carter of the Toronto Raptors and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. Both players have developed their skills very quickly and have emerged as the NBA s brightest stars. Though each player covets the title, Carter is more likely to become the next basketball great. His leadership

qualities, solid defense, and offensive prowess make his basketball skills superior to those of Kobe Bryant. Great basketball players are often characterized as great leaders. There is no doubt in Toronto who the team leader is. Vince Carter s presence in Toronto has made basketball popular in Canada and has improved the team s performance. In every year since Carter s inaugural season, the Raptor s record has improved noticeably. Many people agree that he is also the main reason the Toronto Raptors made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history last season. Carter may not be the most vocal player on the team, but according to basketball analyst, Marv Albert, Vince is a leader by example. Give him the ball in crunch time and get out of the way. Let [Charles] Oakley do

the barking, Vince will work the magic. Oakley can tell ‘em how it’s done, but Vince will show you. ( Carter also displays his leadership qualities on an international level. During the 2000 Summer Olympics, he led the United States basketball team in scoring and eventually capturing the gold medal. Unlike Carter, Kobe Bryant s leadership attributes is questionable and has been criticized by his team on many occasions. Take the case of Bryant s reply to head coach, Phil Jackson s instructions to let Shaquille O’Neal be the focal point of the offense. Kobe said, Turn my game down? I need to turn it up. I’ve improved. How are you going to bottle me up? ( Bryant s response to his

coach s instructions is selfish. Instead of making the sacrifice for his team and going with a proven winning formula, that is, let Shaq take the shots, Bryant makes himself the Laker s first offensive option without the approval of the coach, and more importantly, the team members. As long as Bryant believes that the individual is more important than the team, he will never be as great a leader as Vince Carter is. When a young player takes on the role of a leader, his desire to win grows immensely, and many coaches agree that it is defence that will win games. Vince Carter is one of the best defensive players in the league. His long arms and extraordinary athleticism allow him to match up with any shooting guard and most forwards. In today s NBA, it is quite rare to see a

shooting guard defending a forward but what Carter lacks in size, he makes up for in quickness. His defensive numbers are quite surprising considering the fact he is not known as a defensive player. Carter amasses an average of 3.70 defensive rebounds per game, 1.33 steals per game and 1.15 blocks per game. ( It should also be noted that Carter must defend against players five inches taller than he and that there is no other intimidating presence on the floor to back up Carter on defence. Carter s counterpart, Kobe Bryant, averages about the same; 3.10 defensive rebounds per game, 1.22 steals per game and 0.67 blocks per game. (