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Basketball Business Essay, Research Paper In society today High School sports are a major business, especially High School Basketball. Major Corporations are making a large profit on high school athletes, selling shoes (Nike, Adidas, etc.), making films (He Got Game, Hoop Dreams, etc.), and books (Sole Influence By Dan Wetzel, Raw Recruits, etc.). High school basketball is such a large business everyone is trying to get their peaice of the pie. Who says there is anything wrong with brain-washing kids to believe that basketball is going to take care of them for the rest of their lives without any education past high school. These basketball prodigies s have everything they need in High School and Jr. High School, because of what they can do on a basketball court and not what

kind of person or what kind of student they are. If one of these youth basketball stars suffers an injury that would no longer allow them to play basketball, they would be left in the cold with nothing but stories of what could have been if they had not gotten hurt. In the two movies that I Reference in my paper are He Got Game , and Hoop Dreams , which are about the lives of high school basketball stars that are at the head of the class, when it comes to basketball. In the film He Got Game featuring Ray Allen and Denzel Washington, the high school basketball star Jesus Shuttleworth (Allen), who is the top ranked high school basketball player in the nation. Everyone around him wants to know if he s going to college or if he going to play professional basketball and skip college.

Hoop Dreams focuses on two inner city youths from the Cabrini Green housing projects on Chicago s west side. Both of these young men are recruited to play at a highly acclaimed high for its academics and well-coached basketball as well. One of them stays to become a star player; the other one is forced out because of his economic situation and goes to play for a public school in his neighborhood. Both of these movies focus on players lives and how basketball effects their decision and their way of thinking. Basketball is their way of life and is all they know, along with the streets. In the film, He Got Game , there are many twists to the story and it is just not about a story of a young man trying to pick a college to attend. Jesus (Allen) is faced with the reality that he has

to make a decision, not based on the feelings in his heart, but what is best for everyone else around him. This is the most important decision in your life (1) (John Thompson basketball coach Georgetown university). In my opinion, this is the most important decision in his life or one of them because; he has to decide if he wants to further his education, or take the money and the fast life that professional sports has to offer. For an eighteen year old to have to make the decision to make money for something he loves, or to further his education, that is no contest in his mind. He figures he can make money now and go to school when his basketball career is over. This way of thinking might be wrong to you and me, but in that kids eyes that is the only thing he sees fit for him.

That is a way of life, not just a sport. In the film Jake (Washington), is faced with a decision of weather to stay in jail for the rest of his time, or get early parole if he can get his son to enroll in the Governors al-mater Big State. You do your part… you deliver your son, and Governor Cornell will do his part . (2) (Warden Marcel) They are not thinking about what is best for Jesus (Allen), but what is best for them and how they can make the most money. One of the biggest parts of the film is the business behind high school basketball and the top basketball players. Jesus is confronted with the option of going pro, but he is still unsure of what he wants to do. You’re black, I’m white, and this is green. When it comes to making business decisions, the only color that