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Basic Html Essay, Research Paper There are six basic steps you must follow in order to create a web page in HTML. For those who don t know what it HTML is, it is the coding language that is used to create, develop, and maintain these WebPages such as Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, etc. Although there are other complex languages such as XML and DHTML, they are derived from the basics of HTML. First thing to do before we get started on HTML is to open up a text-editing program such as Notepad.exe or Wordpad.exe. HTML is just text so this can be accomplished by utilizing one of these simple programs. There are other HTML editing/WebPages building programs out there such as Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Fireworks, but they have to be purchased in the

computer software vendors. Now, if you have the text editor open, let s get started. Your first command is to initiate the creation of the WebPages. Since all HTML is written in .flags x, where annotates the beginning, and annotates the end, start by typing on the top of the page, noting that this will be the start of a webpage. Now, go down to the next line in the document. Make sure to give enough space between tags, so every tag won t be jammed together. It will make editing the document easier in the future. You re second HTML flag will be the Title of this web document. Initiate the title with a flag, type in .This is my first HTML page x. Then type annotating that this is the end of the title. (What you ve typed within the flags will show on the top frame bar of the

browsers). Now hit enter to start on a new line and this is where your Body of your webpage will show. Your third HTML flag will be . Type in . I am creating my first webpage x and end with a : Break, which it stands for, allows you to start on a new line on the webpage. Now type in . This is very exciting x and this time, you will end it with a since this will be the end of your body message. For your last HTML flag, start on a new line in your text editor, and type in signifying that this is the end of HTML tags. How we re almost done. Wasn t that easy? One final step and this document could be seen on the web. To enable this document to be viewable on the web, you need to save this as an .html,htm x extension. Go to .file x on your text editor, click on .save as x and name it

.webpage.html (or htm it doesn t make a difference). Make sure to remember where you saved this page, locate it and open it with a browser. Following these six basic steps will allow you to create a webpage using HTML. There are thousands of other commands you can also utilize to design more complex graphical WebPages. Other languages such as Java, Asp, Perl, are another resource for web designers. If HTML were within your interest parameters, I would strongly encourage picking up some books from your local library or purchase HTML tutorial books.