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Baseball Essay, Research Paper Baseball is the pastime of America where men kick back, spread their legs out, and enjoy a beer. Sex, the pastimes where men relax and spread their legs out and afterwards have a beer. As you noticed, baseball and sex both are similar in their ways of pleasuring, so much so that they intertwined them. Men use baseball as a way to depict how far they went with women. Yet how far do they really go, and what do getting to first, second, third base mean? I am especially curious about a home run. To begin my study I researched baseball as general topic, to learn some background information in understanding the game and how it originated. Alexander J. Cartwright on September 23, 1845 created the first twenty rules that started the game of baseball.

The rules are often referred to as the Knickerbocker Rules because that is the name the team game themselves on the day that they ratified these rules. Baseball is a very simplified sport where a person needs to warm up his arm and mind for the task that lies ahead. Like in sex a men needs to physical warm up the family jewels and put on the equipment, a condom. Men have problems of anxiety at times and causing us to not perform as we would like to in bed quoted by a fellow colleague in one of my classes. Men can cause errors as much as a second basemen misplays a grounded that popped off his glove. We may attempt to rebound the ball and try to throw it to first base but we just end up looking more the fool then we original were. Sometimes we might even be booed from where we

stand and be told to leave the field. Unlike being on defense, offense could be more fun, and if we are good at it we could get more pleasure at it and points. On April 22, 1876, Jim O’Rourke is credited with the first hit and single, crossing the first base for the first time in recorded history. Getting on first base could have lots of meaning when we refer it to sex. Men like to sometime think first base as hitting a triple, that they both are slobbering each other with no cloths. Some guys that are more polite and less sex crazy like to think as first base as a point where a nice kiss and maybe a pretty nice hug does the trick. When I asked a couple of people walking around the Steven s Campus and my hometown of Queens, I got a shocking number that 80% said that men getting

to first base implies we are my full contact with cloths on, that there is nothing between a man and a women but their clothes. However unlike first base, a popular area of baseball most people seem to enjoy is homeruns. Many like to see the wood of the bat making full contact, piercing the ball with such a force to drive it over the wall. Especially in the season of 1998 when Mark McGwire hit 70 homeruns to break Roger Maris s old record of 61. The impossible was done and thus has full contact sexual intercourse is the same. A man and women may rush into action and perform without a little fore play however sometimes once in the blue moon you may get an inside the park homerun where somebody manages to keep the ball in the park, however is able to cross all the bases in a single

shot. ——– Hockey is another favorite pastimes, Canadian pastime. Canadians like to watch hockey with their Brie cheese, and rolls of bread, while sipping their Molesten beer. Sex to Canadians I am sure is probably the same as their hockey, with an exception or two. Since there is not much to hockey but to get a puck pass the goalie, which we don t want to happen in sex, because, nine months later you will have an answer. Ice hockey requires two teams, each usually having six players, who wear ice skates, in play at a time. The object is to propel a vulcanized rubber disk, the puck, past a goal line and into a net guarded by a goaltender, or goalie. Well with this basic idea of hockey I think the symbolic correlation between hockey and sex, is clearly seen when I just have