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power hitting remains an appealing factor in the game. Reviewed by Jim Benagh Bibliography: Alexander, Charles C., Our Game: An American Baseball History (1991); Angell, Roger, Once More around the Park (1991); Allen, Ethan N., Baseball Play and Strategy, 3d ed. (1983); Appel, Martin, and Goldblatt, Burt, Baseball’s Best: The Hall of Fame Gallery, rev. ed. (1980); Baseball Encyclopedia, 6th rev. ed. (1985); Honig, Donald, Baseball: When the Grass Was Real (1975); James, Bill, The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract, rev. ed. (1988) and The Baseball Book 1990 (1990); Kahn, Roger, Good Enough to Dream (1985); Laird, A. W., Ranking Baseball’s Elite: An Analysis Derived from Player Statistics, 1893-1987 (1990); Levine, Peter A. G., Spalding and the Rise of Baseball: The

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