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Turkey and Nippers, the narrator “feeds” them full pay while they contribute only half of the labor assigned to them. All of the realtionships in the story involve a “give and take”. Not only is the “give and take” between Turkey and the lawyer based on Turkey?s acceptance of his un-earned salary but also on his acceptance of an old coat. Turkey can not graciously accept the coat given to him by the lawyer without first reminding the lawyer that he is only accepting the gift because he previously gave the lawyer stationary. The lawyer refuses to take from others and acts, instead, as a primary caregiver. The narrator supports Bartleby as he spoils him by attempting to give him extra money, a place to live, and food through the “grub-man”. The lawyer begins to see

that his purpose is fulfilling Bartleby?s needs. He becomes his frternal figure. He soon lives “to benefit Bartleby, and sheild him form rude persecution”(pg.1131). Such immense attempts to protect Bartleby show him that the narrator is posing as his brother. However, Bartleby begins to deny his boss? requests. After all, a baby is not expected to have to work in order to be fed by his mother. To punish the lawyer, Bartleby?s nurturing sibling, Bartleby denies himself food. Such a tactic inflames the narrator?s or his “brother?s” guilt. As Bartleby, the son, is denied love and acceptance, he denies himself nourishment by refusing to eat. When Bartleby finds no gratification in the world, he “lies on his side, his head touching the cold stone”(p.1133) and dies alone in