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Lions won the game in overtime. When he asked Smith to sign the ball, he refused. "My Barry would never do that," Sanders says. Until this past summer, William Sanders was working six days a week as a freelance roofer and remodeler. Before that, he worked on the beef-kill line at a rendering plant, firing .22s into the skulls of cattle, among other jobs. "Barry came into money in ?88," William Sanders says, walking up the private drive that leads to their home. "You know, we?ll be here four years on Memorial Day. I was never hung up on moving out of the ghetto just to say I moved out. Money can be a curse and a nigh! tmare if you let it control you." As nice as his new house is, William Sanders misses his old neighborhood. "I bought that house

(on Volutsia) for $8,200 in 1964," he says. "I paid it off in February 1984 – $77.50 a month on a 20-year note." In those days, sleeping arrangements were eight girls in one bedroom, three boys in another. William was the neighborhood?s master builder of bunk beds. And also, the chief disciplinarian. "I remember in Barry?s senior year in high school he had on a pair of Converse All-Stars for basketball, "William Sanders says. "He came in one day and his shoes were untied. I told him if he ever comes in the house again with his shoes untied I?d break both his legs. "I was such a sergeant over my kids. I felt I had to be." Barry?s brother Byron, who played football at Northwestern, says, "My father doesn?t realize that although we

appear to be reserved, no one in the world can intimidate any of his children because of the way he was. He loved us, and ! that?s the difference." Today, the children all grown and gone, William Sanders misses the full house. He?s planning a family reunion for next summer. "Let me tell you how I feel about things now," William Sanders says. "God told Abraham that he was a blessing to many nations. Well, we?re thankful for the blessings of Barry. I remember I wanted one of my sons to go to Oklahoma so bad, so that I could go down in peace. Now, if Barry goes into the Hall of Fame, when he?s standing up there, on the steps in Canton, I can lay down right there and die." "I think a lot of things that I believe have changed, or I have just adjusted

some. I think if that?s what you really want to do, then I think you should. What the other players around the league think about him. You could call him the best running back, and there would be no real argument. But you could go even further: Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions might be, quite simply, the best player in the game. Were he to be judged only for the magic he creates with a hand off, his supremacy would end at his position. but Sanders has accomplished something remarkable, if not unprecedented, since the days of Jim Brown. The current of terror that begins to flow in the days and hours before a game usually emanates from vicious defenders and flows white-hot into the rattled psyches of the players who earn their pay with the ball in their hands. But alone among his

offensive fellows, Sanders has reversed that current. Sanders has a whole breed of men best known for barking like dogs instead praying out loud. In a week of preparing for Sanders, says Chicago Bear linebacker Vinson Smith, "You have to not sleep for a couple of nights." Re! ally? "Yes. Yes. "And even during fitful dozing, says Minnesota Viking defensive tackle Henry Thomas, who usually dreams of sacks and motor cycles, "you sit up in the middle of the night hollering, ‘Barry! Sanders!’ " Most people don?t just think Barry is a great football player they also think he is a great person too. Barry Sanders is simply the most exciting sports player to watch. Not to mention that he has a great personality and is a class act. This guy is so good at

what he does it’s scary and he doesn’t even have a trace of ego in him. When Barry runs the ball he defies the laws of gravity and physics of a moving object. He makes moves that make your eyes pop out of their sockets and leave your mouth hanging wide open. To me this report help my find out that Barry is more than just a good ball player he also is a good person that most people don?t see. Barry does not let all the money he earns get to his head he act like you and me. At the end of Barrys career he will probably own every single record there is. He is on the pace to do that with no problem. There is no doubt in my mind that Barry will be in the Hall of Fame with ease. To bad all the sports players are not like Barry if they were all the games you watch would be ten times