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Hell. It also signifies leaving the past behind. Mr. Snopes wooden leg that he drags around is a symbol for a burden of some kind. Since we never learn much of his past it is hard to say what it signifies, but most likely it too signifies carrying the past with you. Also in the story everyone has a double, father and the older son, twin sisters, mother and her sister. Sarty doesn t have a double and that signifies him having his own mind and growing up and getting a will of his own. Blood is used through out the story to show the bond between the families. Violence and blood are tied in. Violence represents his fathers insecurity and blood represents his father s way of making everyone believe everything he says. 7) Specify the point of view. The point of view jumps around.

Sometimes it is even hard to tell. It goes from 1st to 3rd person point of view. What that achieves is at first we have this limited point and later on we are able to see the story from all angles. The 1st person p