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wildlife, which eat the filters mistaking them for food” (”No”). This error in judgement is lethal because of the numerous chemicals and poisons left in the filters. Cigarettes also contain a major source of air pollution: carbon monoxide. Consequently, air pollution can “worsen and may cause lung disease” among other things (American Lung Association, “Major”). Undoubtedly, the government should not advocate smoking because cigarettes are dangerous to the environment. In summary, the government should prohibit cigarettes because they are economically, bodily, and environmentally detrimental. Cigarette use is costly to maintain and cumbersome to economic prosperity. Additionally, cigarettes induce damaging effects on the human body. Furthermore, the environment

suffers from pollution given off by cigarettes. Society should not tolerate a product that yields malicious effects on such a magnitude. If mankind should seek an ideal life, mankind must take the necessary steps to achieve it, starting with a ban on cigarettes. Works Cited American Lung Association. “American Lung Association Fact Sheet Smoking.” Sept. 1999. 27 Oct. 1999 . - – -. “Major Air Pollutants.” n.d. 28 Oct. 1999 . “No Butts About It, Use an Ash Tray.” Jan. 1996. 28 Oct. 1999 . Tobacco Free Kansas Coaltion Inc. “Tobacco Facts: Economic Impact Of Smoking In the Workplace.” 1999. 16 Oct. 1999 . 32c