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the Problem Posing method used. In this class, I participate on ?discussion? in which the students are encouraged to ask questions and in some even assigned as homework to type two three subject matters in which they are having trouble with. The teacher answers these questions in the class. Freire explains this experience, ?The students-no longer docile listeners-are now critical co-investigators in dialogue with the teacher?. Page 355 I certainly can relate to this quote, as where in lecture I am nobody, and in discussion I can be an individual and raise questions that have more meaning then any designated overhead. I have walked through my first semester at UMASS, wondering why we have lectures and even find myself questioning if it is for just selfish reasons for the multitude

of students wishing to take the class. Through Paulo Freire?s essay, I am able to see that it is not just me who thinks that being a depository does not do anything for students. I can now recognize the strength of my discussion class and perhaps take better advantage of its learning experience. The Problem Posing Method is the way to go and I will look for those classes based on this type of teaching for next semester. I will be a individual, and will not be oppressed by my depositors.