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beginning o the century. This gives The Jake a look that separates it from the other two retro style ballparks. With the ushering in of the “Sports Construction Era”, with the conception of Camden Yards, and continuing with The Ballpark at Arlington, and Jacobs Field we see a return to the good old days of ballparks. The design and layout of these three revolutionary ballparks more closely resembles a park than a stadium. This is in part by designers abandoning the old bowl style stadium such as the Astrodome or the Kingdome, and switching to the open, free flowing nostalgic scenery reminiscent of the golden age of baseball. The modern ballparks of today combine the feeling of the past with the comforts of today’s technology and comfort. The “Sports Construction Era”

was initiated by the design and construction of Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 1992, and continued with the building of The Ballpark in Arlington, and Jacobs Field in 1994. This radical new style of ballpark design has been such a hit with the entire baseball community that teams such as Detroit, Houston, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh, all of who are scheduled to build new stadiums in the near future, plan to mimic the style of ballpark which Baltimore, Texas, and Cleveland had been so brave in pioneering. So what is the result of this new style of ballpark? There are two specific areas that affect the fans and the home team. First is a better overall experience for both the baseball fans, and the players. Second of all with the new style of ball parks

teams have witnessed an increase in attendance, as well as an increase in revenue, both an indirect result of the new ballparks. In conclusion the “Sports Construction Era” ballparks are a radical change in the way we experience a major league baseball game. The radical changes benefit both the baseball club and the fans. Finally the new style of construction employed by these three “pioneer” cities has been such a success that they have become the standard for the future of major league ballpark construction throughout the country. 1. The Ballpark in Arlington. 04 APR 2000. . 2. “To everything, turn, turn, turn…” CNNSI. 04 Apr 2000. . 20 Oct 1999. 3. “Cause and Effect”CNNSI. O4 APR 2000. 26 Jul 1999. 4. Jacobs Field. 04 Apr 200. . 5. The Ballpark in Arlington.

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