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Balancing Your Work Essay, Research Paper For the working adult, being a full time college student can be quite stressful. It can also be challenging, fun, and rewarding. In order to become a successful student you must learn to balance and organize the different elements of your life. Three of the major elements will be work, studying and relaxing. If you can learn to balance these elements, you will find that success will be easier to achieve. As adults, most of us must work a full time job in order to support ourselves. Often employers and coworkers expect us to give extra time and effort to our jobs. You must keep in mind that there is only so much time in each day and you have other responsibilities. Do not be afraid to say no to an additional workload that is not your

responsibility. Another way to help balance your work is to work from your home. Many companies offer this type of employment. Working from home can allow you to better balance your day. You will not only cut out driving time but you will also be able to focus your attentions on your work rather than office distractions. Finding time for studying can be difficult. You should realize that in order to be a successful student you will need to spend many hours studying. In order to accomplish this you should be organized. Set aside specific times for studying. Whether you study several times a week in short increments or a few times a week for several hours, the important thing is that you schedule the time in advance. Having a special place that is quite and set up for studying will

also help you become organized. Keeping all the things you will need for studying close at hand will save you time from searching for them when they are needed. The final part of the balancing act is relaxation. With so much work and studying to do this part of your life can become overlooked. Relaxation is important for not only your physical health but also your mental health. Relaxing can be accomplished through a variety of activities as long as you are doing something that is pleasing to you. Some people find that exercise or physical activities bring relaxation while others prefer quiet walks, conversation, or alone time to wind down. No matter which kind of activity, or inactivity for that matter, you prefer remember to set aside time for fun. Being a full-time student

while working a full-time job can be overwhelming. The key to being successful is balance. Learning to balance work, studying, and relaxation will keep your mind and body fit. You will find the efforts are worth the reward.