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feel that overall my pointe training in the past has had many similarities to the training of Balanchine. I feel that I have received an even better understanding of Balanchine?s technique of training since I have been at Mercyhurst College. Suzanne Farrell felt that ?this man knew exactly what he was doing.? And if this were true then I would like to continue training with his technique; because he has taught some of the most beautiful dancers ever. Bibliography Ferrell, Suzanne. Holding on Air. Summit Books. NY,NY c.1990 p.111 Conversation with Margo Kons. Ballet Teacher. 3-15-99. Conversation with Pamela McCray. Ballet Teacher. 3-15-99. Schorer, Suki. Balanchine Pointwork. Society of Dance History Scholars. NY, NY. C.1995