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market down to the young to middle-aged, professional, educated 21-49-year-olds. Even though they have tried to focus their advertising in that direction, it appears that more drinkers of Baileys are from a slightly more middle-class: in the technical field and making less than $40,000 per year. Due to the current trend of fruity drinks cluttering the market, Baileys should focus on their sweetness, and fun mixed drinks. Sweet drinks are stereotypically more often drank by women, and coincidentally the majority of Baileys drinkers are women even though advertising hasn’t been directed towards them. If Baileys directed a higher percentage of their advertising budget towards magazine ads in mainly women read magazines they could see a considerable jump in sales. Of course, there

would only be a sizable sales increase if it were possible to target more women without making current male drinkers of Bailey’s think that it is a “girlie drink”.