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affect the social and economic structure of the world. They imply that the creativity, skill and naturally industrious nature of man will suddenly come up missing. And darkness will descend on mankind as the light of the world; the "candles" shine no more "at all in thee"(Rev.18:23). Jesus related the light of a candle to the inner spirit of man, comparing it to either evil (darkness), or goodness (light) (Luke 11:33-36). Revelation states that when Babylon falls, she is to be "utterly burned with fire (Rev.18: 8:9)." At Pentecost, tongues of fire sat over the heads of the apostles, but they were not harmed. Instead they received the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-4). The firebrand that destroys Babylon will not be made of the natural material we humans might

first consider. The fire that destroys Babylon is the fire of the Holy Spirit. And as its power floods the earth, whether directly or through man, it will finalize the removal of man’s bondage to the physical world and set him eternally free. What a wonderful day this will be, when we will be set free! 1. Jones, Alonzo Trevier. The Great Empires of Prophecy. Chicago: Review and Herald Publishing Company, 1898. 2. Goodspeed, George Stephen. A History of the Babylonians and Assyrains. New York: Charles Scribner?s Sons, 1917. 3. King, Leonard W. A History of Babylon. London: Chatto and Windus, 1919. 4. Hislop, Rev. Alexander. The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship. New York: Loizeaux Brothers, Bible Truth Depot, 1944. 5. Winckler, Hugo. The History of Babylonia and Assyria. New

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