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Baby M Essay, Research Paper Jerry Springer: Baby M and the Trobrianders The following is a recording of Jerry Springer?s talk show on his visit to the Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea. His show is known for its appearance of scandals and Jerry finds it most fitting to bring the Baby M Case to Trobrianders for comments and inputs. Jerry: Good evening, everyone and welcome to our show. Tonight we bring to you our special guests, one of whom is Mrs. Whitehead who is the paid surrogate mother to the Sterns? Baby M. She has recently given birth to Baby M and found that she could not meet with the surrogacy contract and give up her baby because she has developed an attachment for Baby M. Tonight Mrs. Whitehead is here to confront the Sterns with her decision in keeping the baby.

Please give a warm welcome for Mrs. Whitehead! [Applause] Jerry: Mrs. Whitehead, welcome to our show. How are you today? Mrs. Whitehead: I?m fine, thank you Jerry. Jerry: Mrs. Whitehead, the story is that the Sterns paid you ten thousand dollars for you to carry Mr. Stern?s baby through artificial insemination; but through the nine months of Nguyen 2 carrying the baby, you develop a bond with the baby and cannot find yourself to part with the baby. Right? What?s the story here? Tell us. Mrs. Whitehead: Well, Jerry. My family and I were going through some difficult times financially and the surrogacy clinic seems like an excellent solution to our problems. And so, I went and took some tests at the clinic and pass the tests to become a surrogate mother. Mr. Stern is not the first

case I?ve accepted but he was the first successful artificially inseminated father of my baby. I was to have Mr. Stern?s baby through artificial insemination, deliver the baby, and take necessary procedures to terminate my maternal rights so that Mrs. Stern could adopt the baby afterwards. In return, the Sterns would pay me ten thousand dollars for keeping my part with the contract. But you know what Jerry? I can?t leave her. I can?t leave my baby. She and I share a special bond. Audience: Aaawww! Jerry: Was there anything besides money that prompted you to accept the offer? Mrs. Whitehead: Yes, Jerry. I truly sympathized with those who could not have children. I wanted to give others the gift of life. Jerry: When you were going to go through with this, did you consider the

possibility that you might want to keep your baby later on? Mrs. Whitehead: No, not at all. But the moment I carried her, I knew I could not part with her. I?m here tonight to tell the Sterns that my baby stays with me and the contract is void. Audience: [Applause] Whooooaaaa! Jerry: Please give a warm welcome for Mr. Stern. Nguyen 3 [Applause] Jerry: Do you know this woman? Mr. Stern: Yes. She is my baby?s surrogate mother. Jerry: Do you have something to tell him, Mrs. Whitehead? Mrs. Whitehead: Well, Mr. Stern. It?s like this. I know you only let the baby stay with me for a couple of days because I was quite traumatized to be away from it and I have kept it for months now. But being with my baby again only makes me more determined than ever to keep it, so I?m here tonight to

tell you that I?m keeping the baby. Mr. Stern: You?re what?!! Mrs. Whitehead: My daughter is gone with my husband. You won?t be able to find her. Mr. Stern: She?s gone where??!!! Oh my God! I can?t believe you?re doing this. To think, I felt terrible for separating you from her so soon. I trusted you! Is that why you got me here? So that your husband can steal my daughter while I?m in another country? Mrs. Whitehead: No, I wanted you to come Papua New Guinea so that you could be more sympathetic toward my cause. I had hoped that after learning of the Trobrianders? belief in procreation, you would feel that it would only be right for my daughter to be with me. Mr. Stern: Oh, no. My daughter stays with me. Jerry: [Addressing Mr. Stern] What are you going to do? Mr. Stern: I?m going