Babe Ruth

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Babe Ruth “The Sultan Of Swat” Essay, Research Paper Babe Ruth ” The Sultan of Swat ” George Herman Ruth Jr. is by far one of Americas greatest sports heroes. He is known primarily for his great baseball exploits and secondary as a man who stayed out late before every game and partied until there was no one left to party with. There is more behind the story of Babe Ruth than just baseball and parties. As a boy Ruth was your average youth who got himself into a little to much trouble and paid the price. As an adult he was a husband and a father who cared more about his family than he liked to show. George Ruth was a baseball hero and an alcoholic, but nobody s perfect. I plan on exploring Babe Ruth s life and noting the good and bad points of Americas greatest Baseball

hero. George Herman Ruth Jr. was born on February 6, 1895 in his grandparents house at 216 Emory St. in the tough water front section of Baltimore. Babe Ruth s parents Kate and George Herman Ruth were 19 and 23 when they had their first child, George Jr. The young father earned his living as a bar tender in a combination grocery store-saloon near the Baltimore water front. Babe was not an only child. He did have a sister named Mary Margaret, also known as Mamie, who was born in 1900. The Ruth s did have six other children, but none of them survived to adulthood. Soon after Mamies birth his father opened his own tavern at 426 West Camden St. The family would later move into an apartment above the bar. George spent the first 7 years of his life running around the Bay area watching

street fights and stealing from the shop keepers. It didn t take long before he was known well by local police. When he was 7, Kate and her husband finally decided they could no longer tend to the mischievous boy, and brought him to St. Mary s Industrial School for Boys. Despite his crying and begging to be brought home, his custody was singed over to a group of strange men dressed in black robes. Though he didn t realize it at the time, this would become his home throughout his young adolescence. George was released to live with his family on a few occasions, but one way or the other he would return to St. Mary s. George didn t adjust well to his new home. Living on the streets was the life he was accustom to and now that there were rules to follow he was beginning to feel

miserable and regretful. To add to that pain was the knowledge that he had been abandoned by his mother and father. After two years of living at St. Mary s not one of his relatives came to visit. He began to feel neglected saying that he was to fat or ugly for anyone to want to see him. Fortunately he found someone he could trust and respect. Someone that boosted his morale and made him feel good about himself. The person responsible for this act of kindness was Brother Mathias. He acted like a father to him. He taught George to read and write and the difference between right and wrong. Brother Mathias was a giant 6 6 and well built to about 250 pounds, which meant he could accomplish any objective without raising his voice or using physical force. The first time George swung a

baseball bat was at the school. He knew then he was to be a hitter. He said to a friend, It was one of those things you could just feel. (59) Brother Mathias taught him to be a better ball player. He schooled Ruth in the fundamentals of the game. George finally had something to be happy about. He had Brother Mathias his new father-figure and he had baseball. Babe Ruth became a great baseball player while at St. Marys. Even when he was young he was playing in the higher age divisions. By the time he was nine he was playing on the 12 year old team. When he was 12 he was competing with the 16 year olds. And at the age of 16, he was playing on the varsity team. Because of Ruths amazing talents he was given a chance to play at a higher level. In February of 1914, shortly after Ruths