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Babbit Essay, Research Paper Essay on BabbittIt seems to be a fact that at any given time in history there are social and political issues that just seem to be a part of the times. It is not surprising to think that these issues, whether they reflect the political climate, the social values of the times, or the personal and financial priorities of society, seem to be somewhat constant in their focus. The themes seem to be the same, but perhaps it is the percentage of followers at any given time that may change. It also seems that the current technological advances and the prosperity, or lack of it influence these issues greatly.Throughout this novel the city, of Zenith is widely criticized. This city becomes very prosperous by pumping out standardized products, but in the

process, it has also managed to pump out standardized people. The people of the town of Zenith are very much the same. They dress alike, think alike, do the same things, and are after the same goals. It is also thought of very poorly to stray from this. In this novel it is popular to hate socialism but, I would venture to say that the vast majority of people that hold this opinion are not even informed on what socialism is. They are just going along with the crowd. Now this is a direct link to not only the 1920 s but to the 1990 s. In the 20 s people believed the mass majorities were right and everyone jumped on the bandwagons. People get most of their information from the same places, thus only knowing what people want them to know and the result is that everyone has the same

ideas about the same things. People now and in the 20 s, as shown in Babbit, are not receptive to people that think, act, dress, or do differently. Blending masses of people happened in Zenith, the 1920 s, and now.In this ficticious town of Zenith, the people worship material possessions. The people of Zenith are judged by each other according to their wealth and their possessions. The main character George is always concerned about his possessions. He tries to impress people with things, not with himself. Nobody in Zenith is concerned with people themselves, but they are worried about what people have. The opinions people have about one another are influenced more by what the other person has, not by what kind of person he or she is. This is definitely the same both now and the

20 s. In the 1920 s cars, appliances, and other gadgets were just being invented and nobody was considered anybody without them. This is the same materialistic thinking we have now. People are judged and placed in a category based on what they have, not who they really are. This would appear to be another social commentary Lewis correctly identified that is constant throughout time.There is no question that failing relationship ships are also a part of society, both now and then that Sinclair focused on. George Babitt is not happy with his life. It would appear the he was going through something like a mid-life crisis. To deal with this he turned to the arms of another woman. George decided it was best, instead of working his problems with his wife, to have an affair. Now this is

definitely not something you can say didn t happen in the 20 s, but it is much more prominent now. Not only is it more common today, but it isn t looked on as badly as it was in the novel. In the novel George is criticized and frowned upon for having an affair. If that were to happen now he may not look good for doing this but, would be more excepted. This happens for the simple fact affairs are more common. Though relationships may struggle and people may look at it differently, affairs still and will happen. This book also discusses the hypocracy of supposedly respectable people. The main business men in this book call themselves respectable but, quite to the contrary they do some very unrespectable things. They say the are honest but that is a flat out lie .They are supposedly