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A-Z Report On Russian Essay, Research Paper Leaders They have a different system in Russia than what we have here. They have a President and Prime Minister for their executive branch. The Legislative branch has the Federal Assembly. The Judicial system has a lot of area like Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Arbitration, and the Office of Procurator General. Their Leader is Boris Yelstin.He sifted form Communism in the early 90’s he was the guy that took Russia into the Federation way of living. Orthodox, Russian The main religion in Russia by far is Russian Orthodox. The population in Russia is about all Orthodox and a few others with religions like Islam, Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Protestant, Buddhist, and some others like Christianity.They have the single largest

branch of the Orthodox Church in world. Vodka This is about a certain kind of vodka brand. I found the Morzyski Zdk Vodka brand. The daily capacity of the brewery is 1800 gallons. They Produce the Leader, the Legend and the Old Warrior. These are the most unique types of vodka they have. They also produce spirits like the Lux and the Extra. The sub told me that the teachers in Russia were paid in vodka because of the money. Economy The economy of Russia takes in a GDP of $555 billion dollars. The growth rate is about -6%. The average GDP is $ 3,740. Their main resources are Petroleum, natural gas, timbers, fur, precious and non-ferrous metals. Their agricultural resources are grain, sugar beets, sunflower seeds and meat. Their annual trade is around $87 billion dollars; this is

for gas, petroleum, and petroleum products. How ManyThe population of Russia in 1995 was 149,609,000.The size of Russia is 6,592,800 making it the largest country in the world. Their population density is 22 people per square mile. Most of Russia’s population is urban, in fact 73% of it is. That is real small considering that Russia is the largest country in the world. The age distributions is Military Issues in RussiaRussia signed the NATO Partnership for Peace initiative in June of 1994. U.S and Russian troops are serving together in the Implementation Force in Bosnia and its successor. NATO and Russia signed the NATO-Russia Founding Act on May 27, 1997 in France. The act is about fundamentally new and sustained relationship in which NATO and Russia will consult and

coordinate regularly and where needed act jointly. DefenseRussian military have been discussing the rebuilding of the Russian military since the break up off the USSR. A doctrine has been introduced that the Russian military become smaller and lighter than the old one and more mobile. But the new army will have a higher degree of professionalism. The estimation of the strength of Russia’s armed forces is about 1.4 to 1.6 million people. They hope to reach a goal of at the least several thousand higher, perhaps 2 million by the year two thousand. AgricultureRussia comprises roughly three-quarters of the land of the NIS, but has relatively little area suited for agriculture. This is because of the arid climate and weird rain season. The north is mainly concentrated on livestock

farming. The south concentrates on more vegetables. They mainly grow grain, potatoes and beets. TaxesIn 1996 the federal budget provided a strong underpinning for the government’s stabilization of the program. The severe revenue shortfalls resulted in a 6.1% deficit on GDP. In 1997 though it went up a little to a deficit of only 3.5 % GDP. This is do to the government’s crack down on unemployment and finding ways to create new jobs.