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Ayn Rand Essay, Research Paper Ayn Rand view of selfishness and her philosophy of Objectivism with the Buddhist ethics of altruism do not mix well. Rand thoughts that altruism was harmful to people as a society because the desires to help yourself is evil. on the other hand for the Buddhist philosophy argued by Gunapala Dharmasari preaches the idea of karma and Ahisma which says not to harm anything even the smallest creatures. Rand s ideas and the Buddhist ideas on altruism conflict with each other and parts are argued which is to be better. Rational self are the values for a persons survival not the values from their desires, emotions or feelings. Integrity comes from the loyalty to a persons values like helping someone in need gives yourself integrity. The human good which

does not require human sacrifice and cant be obtain from the sacrifice of another. This for example says that you do not acquire mental pleasure by giving a possession up or another person doing the same. The idea of Karma accepted by the Buddhists states that that good thoughts acquire good feelings and a good performance because the mind is at ease and relaxed to bring upon top performance. Although when the mind is in a bad state it bring tenseness and not a clear thinking mind. The way of Ashima is all about non injury to anything big or small. When you look back on life you can be satisfied with pleasure of the mind. Buddhism altruist philosophy states that dependency upon others is the key. To make others feel well is the key to a good meaningful life. Existence is

dependent among others who live along side of you. This says that we all owe a debt to the rest of the universe for making life possible . Buddhism creates a respect among others by the thought of treat someone as you would want to be treated. The two theories which I agree on are both from the Buddhist philosophy the first one was karma. This was an easy one which probably everyone knows that is true with the state of mind which you are in. When you are feeling down you dont think anything is going your way and you always are not in the correct mind to give the best effort possible. This was easy for me because I relate a lot of my sports accomplishments and failures with karma. Not the karma which I always thought Karma to mean (the thought what goes around comes around) but

the sense in when you are are tense or nervous or doubting yourself you only play or do whatever up to those expectations. When you are feeling good and relaxed nothing can sop you and the sky is the limit. The other one is Ahism because of the fact that if everyone took a little more time an thought of who would be effected by their choices it would be a better life to live. Although you cant make everyone happy you can do you best to create a better place for others. This then gives a high state of mind which then produces a relaxed high performance life, which we all want to be a part of.